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    The Attack

    French Quarter: Thursday 9 AM

    The street was quiet as Tina waited patiently outside of the pink hue hotel in the middle of the French Quarter. Looking around at the few people who occasionally walked past her, she seriously pondered what the hell she was getting herself into.

    But for some unknown reason, she couldn’t stop herself from seeing the brunette.

    Feeling soft hands gently wrapping around her waist, Tina leaned back against the chest of the gallery owner. Soft kisses caressed her neck as the blonde closed her eyes and intertwined her hands with the brunette’s, “morning.”

    “Morning,” Bette whispered in the blonde’s ear as she nuzzled her face deeper into the soft neck. Feeling the similar electric pull toward Tina, the brunette didn’t want to let go. “How was your night?”

    “Good,” Tina whispered back, turning her head to the side; gently nudging Bette’s nose with her own. “Spent the rest of the night in the greenhouse before hitting the bar.”

    “You went out last night?” Bette questioned, turning the blonde around in her arms to look into the hazel eyes.

    “I don’t sleep often,” Tina smiled as she tucked a loose curl behind Bette’s ear. “Besides, I had to go find Madison who was slumped over a toilet.”

    Bette smiled as she leaned forward; her lips resting a few centimeters away from the blonde’s, “can I give you a good morning kiss?”

    “I’d be insulted if you didn’t,” Tina whispered with a smirk as she wrapped her arms around the brunette’s neck, pulling Bette closer.

    Bette smiled softly before connecting her lips with the blondes. Moaning softly, she tightened her grip on Tina’s waist; her short nails digging into the fabric of the blonde’s black tank top. Pulling back slightly, she looked down at the now moist red lips in front of her. Licking her lips, she reconnected them to Tina’s, gently pushing her tongue through when given access to the blonde’s mouth.

    Tina responded immediately, gently caressing the back of Bette’s neck with her black claw nails as her lips moved in sync with the brunette’s. Feeling Bette shutter, she smirked before pulling away; aware that they were in the middle of public.

    “Morning…” Tina whispered once more, smiling at the hazy dark mocha eyes filled with arousal before her. Leaning forward once more, she pecked Bette’s nose before giving the brunette a butterfly kiss, “feed me.”

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    1. It was very hot NC-17!

      So, like i though earlier it was not Marie who started the war – it was Melvin i think now. And what Bette gona do when she find out? And what Shane gona do when she find out that one of them which she tring to help kills is Bette’s Tina?

      Waiting for the next!

    2. Hey Kylie,

      So worth the waiting!!!

      And the love making at the end, phew, need a shower after reading it 😋

      So Melvin is after Tina, Fiona and the others? And Shane is involved with him to try to destroy them. Like Zhenya, i wonder what Shane is gonna do when she finds out that Tina is the one who has Bette’s heart?

      But if Melvin know about them, there is a possibility he has powers as well and that Bette has naturel powers as well.

      It is a great story, looking forward to the next chapter!!!!

    3. Hi Kylie, Thank you for the very intriguing story!

      But i have a question – if Tina immortal, she can’t have a children, right (because if she can – i really don’t understand how she can raise them and then watching they die while she lives). (I understand that Tina mother became immortal after she have Tina). But if she can’t – what sense of her living? All her coven die in future – they are mortal, all her friends die. Why she lives in first place?

      • Hey Sasha,

        Tina could technically have children if she desired too… [Tina and her mother became immortal at the same time.]

        I’ve based the concept of the Matriarch of the Coven based on the Supreme for AHS: Coven… Since Tina is immortal; thus, not being able to die… she could rule the coven alongside her mother– gaining more witches in the future and helping them flurish and be able to defend one another.

        I did mention in a past chapter, briefly, that once the witches who are already in the coven become the age of 30, they can make the decision to stay mortal or to become immortal.

        It is a very important decision to make; both filled with positives and negatives.
        The choice lies with each particular character.

        :) I’m glad you’re enjoying the story so far!

    4. Oh my! I had to cool down after reading this one! I love their easy casual intimate moments and how you write their desire towards one another!

      Okay so I don’t watch AHS to know what could possibly happen but I’m gonna take a stab and say that maybe Bette’s mom was apart of a coven and had her own set of powers but something happened to her to which Melvin is now seeking revenge (I don’t remember reading anything about her mom so I’m just guessing). I’m thinking Bette has her own pull but hasn’t come into it since she was never taught, but maybe being with Tina can start to unleash some powers she didn’t know she had ;)

      Your stories are literally my favourite Kylie! Thanks for posting!

    5. Thank you for the new chapter and great NC-17 by the way!

      I think noone write about that still so i do it – i think in nearby future we might have problems between Delphine LaLa (whoever she is) and Bette because of color Bette’s skin. And if do – i hope Tina will do right choice.

    6. Thank you for posting!

      It‘s getting more complicated for T + B. I guess Melvin is some kind of witch hunter which doesn‘t bode well for Tina and her mom. As well as for Bette and Tina. Seems like their first night together could be the last time. Is it the calm before the storm?

      Looking forward to the next chapter :-)

    7. Hola esperando el capitulo que vas a subir me encantas tus historia las leo siempre son emocionante y maravillosa ver tibette en un papel diferente

    8. Ok im almost caught up.. slow to write is fine.. im slow to read for now so fucking busy but i read this last part at work.. fuck big mistake.. lol.. I’m glad you did find some time to write i have loved this story from the very begining and I know Bette is going to be a block for Tina from her Dad… Bette just has no clue to her own powers right.. she has to have some and maybe a bit of a vampire to boot… no mater how it goes for them im here for the ride you are a beautiful writer and so much imagination i love details and you have that nailed as well.. Really loved the slow burn up till now and the burn up in the end of this chapter. Thank you i will work on reading the next chaper.

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