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    The Bar

    Bette Porter slowly made her way over the bar, she had arrived later than usual to the highly rated, members only, New York Lesbian BDSM club. It was already busy. She loved looking around at the women, the pet’s. She had been trying to find her own pet, a woman who would completely submit to her. she was just unsure that she would find that person in a bar. She was happy just finding a fuck-mate at the moment.

    Bette managed to command the Bar tenders attention and she ordered the cocktail she always had. She looked down the bar and smiled softly when she saw a blonde, she had never seen before. She was sitting her hands wrapped around her drink, trying not to look at the acts going on around her. Bette took her drink and slowly walked down the bar and sat on the stool next to the blonde.

    “Hello,” Bette said, turning on her charm. She knew how to get her pray and this blonde was now her pray.

    “Hi…” the woman looked up, her mouth almost dropped open and Bette knew she definitely had her pray.

    Bette loved the reactions she got from people, as she knew it wasn’t just women who looked at her.

    “May I ask are you alone?” Bette asked as she took a sip of her colourful drink

    “Yes…erm…I am just visiting from LA,”

    Bette smiled as the woman had given her more information that she had been expecting. The woman was nervous, scared even.

    “What brings you to New York?” Bette asked, she took in the woman, who was wearing a sexy black and purple dress, her legs on show. She was shapely and very sexy. The kind of woman that Bette enjoyed.

    “My job,” The woman was stumbling over her words.

    “Am I making you nervous?” Bette asked, taking another sip of her drink.

    “Yes,” The woman admitted as she downed the whiskey she had been nursing for some time.

    “May I get you another drink?”

    “Erm…no thank you,” the woman said.

    “Can I get you anything at all?” Bette asked moving closer to the woman, taking in the scent of her hair and body. Bette found them both intoxicating. She knew she wanted this woman under her command.

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