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    The Bath

    Tina lowered herself into the water, between Bette’s legs. She lay herself back closing her eyes as she felt Bette’s fingers run down her arms once she was comfortable. Tina lay back putting her head against Bette shoulder. Her own fingers running along Bette’s toned legs.

    “Bette,” Tina’s voice was soft.

    “Mmm,” Bette said, she was just enjoying being this close to someone. To Tina. there was something that drew her to this woman like no other. She found herself softly moving her finger tips up and down Tina’s arms drawing pattens were the bubbles meet her skin.

    “Did you mean what you said?” Tina was scared to ask,

    “I never say anything I don’t mean Ti,” Bette replied softly.

    Tina relaxed back against Bette. her breast just peaking out of the water, her nipples hardened when they meet the cool air of the bathroom.

    Bette looked down and kissed Tina’s shoulder, giving herself a better view of her woman’s pert breasts. Bette found she wasn’t scared by Tina’s silence. She knew that this was all new to Tina, her world was changing. She was being introduced to new concepts and a new way of life.

    Tina thought for a moment before moving, she turned in Bette’s arms so she was facing her.  she sat up on her knees, letting the water drop down her chest and stomach. She loved that look of lust and love that clouded Bette’s eyes. no one had ever looked at her like. this. she’d never have shown her body the way she did to Bette to anyone else.

    “Bette Porter, I love you too,” Tina’s voice was filled with honestly and love. Bette smiled as her heart swelled.

    Bette reached up and ran her hand down Tina’s face before pulling her into her and kissed her. kissing her slowly, gently. Even with a simple kiss she couldn’t help but take command of it. she had to dominate it. Their tongues slipping in and out of each other’s mouths. Bette moaned as she felt Tina’s hand on her thigh. It was the first time that Tina was starting their love making. This wasn’t about sex or power. This was about love and commitment.

    Tina slipped her hand between them both and pushed two fingers into bed, Bette broke the kiss to gasp, her head falling back as Tina’s lips found her neck, sucking gently, making sure she didn’t leave a mark as her fingers moved in and out of Bette slowly. she was determined to make love to her. the palm of her hand hitting Bette’s clit and she pushed her fingers all the way in.

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