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    The Bedroom Talk

    Bette dropped Tina onto the bed and watched as she bounced a little. Bette started to undo her shirt and noticed that her bra and skin were also covered in Tina’s cum. She moved them and went into the bathroom, taking a washcloth she washed her chest, before removing her pants and panties. She walked back into the bedroom and smiled, Tina was lay in the middle of the bed, propped up on some pillows, her body on display.

    “You’re so sexy,” Bette licked her lips as she spoke.

    “so are you,” Tina smiled.

    Bette crawled up the bed, laying between Tina’s spread legs, she kissed her. Tina’s arms wrapped around her, needing to feel her close.

    “Bette.” Tina pulled away and looked at her woman.


    “I’m sorry too,” Tina said slowly.

    “What for?”

    “Overreacting,” Tina whispered. “I just want to know you, all off you. not just the domme but the woman who hold my heart in her hands. I…”

    “You had a right to be angry. We are still learning about each other and I shouldn’t have kept the clubs from you. you’re an open person, an open book and I’m learning from you all the time. you make me happy Tina. I don’t want to lose you.”

    “I don’t want to lose you either.”

    Bette smiled and kissed Tina again. losing herself in the kiss, she felt Tina’s arms on her back. her fingers nails dragging down her back.

    “I’ve had three orgasms I think it’s your turn,” Tina smiled up at Bette as she spoke.

    “But I was kissing you.”

    “You can still kiss me, but while I’m making love too you.” Tina rolled them over, topping Bette, something she had rarely done since they had got together. Tina looked down at her, just taking in Bette, she reached up and gently ran her finger tips along Bette’s lips.

    Tina was still shocked that this amazingly hot woman had chosen her.

    “I know why I was so angry,” Tina whispered.

    “Why?” Bette said as she ran her hands down Tina’s back to her ass.

    “Because she told me and not you.”

    “That will never happen again, I promise you,” Bette’s eyes showed her emotions. Tina had learnt that and she could see the truth in her eyes now.

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    1. Caught up now!

      Incredible chapters!

      Tina did go overboard with her reaction when she learned Bette owned the club. Ok, Bette could have mentioned it and she did told Tina they could meet exes from Bette.

      Love how they were able to talk about it afterwards when Tina calmed down.

      Looks forward to the next chapter!

    2. I kinda see why Tina was so upset. Bette has introduced her to this lifestyle and they have lived together for two months. She should have told Tina that she owned the clubs. I can see that it was a violation of Tina’s trust. If Bette had owned a restaurant or a store or something….i can see how that would slip her mind. But she deliberately withheld this information from Tina. If I were Tina, I would have been upset as well.

      Ready for the next one. :)

    3. All caught up now! Love this story. I understand why Tina was upset. Tina has been very open with Bette and she’s completely new to this. They’ve been together for two months and Tina had to hear about Bette’s ownership up the club from an ex and not Bette. I would be upset too.

      Green! Also, UK, would it be possible to repost the full story of yours, Your Arms Feel Like Home? I really liked that story as well.

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