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    The Bette Porter Effect

    The next day, the alarm clock screams for a solid minute before Bette blindly reaches for her cell phone and turns it off. She tosses the phone back on the bedside table before she rolls around and snuggles up to Tina.

    Tina: Mm baby, that was like your fourth snooze.

    Bette: I don’t give a shit. I’m not getting out of this bed today.

    Tina:(smiles) We have children.

    Bette: I’m sure they can figure out this thing called life without us for a day.

    Tina:(giggles) Bette Porter blowing off her responsibilities for no good reason? That’ll be the day.

    Bette smiles as she pulls Tina in closer to her.

    Bette: New plan. I say we get up, ship the kids off to school, and then meet back here.

    Tina: That sounds amazing…. Then we can take my family sightseeing.

    Bette’s eyes pop open.

    Bette: Fuck…. I forgot they were here.

    She then playfully tickles her wife.

    Bette: You couldn’t let me live in bliss for a few more seconds?

    Tina laughs as she turns around in Bette’s arms.

    Tina: I’m sorry…. but I know something that will make you feel better.

    Bette: Oh yeah? What’s that?

    Tina slyly smiles as she grabs Bette’s hand and slides it into her underwear. Bette groans as her eyes close.

    Bette: Shit……what the hell were you dreaming about last night, baby?

    Tina quietly giggles.

    Tina: Just woke up thinking about our last night in Palms Springs when you wouldn’t let me go to sleep.

    Bette:(smiles) It was pretty fucking amazing….

    Tina: The entire weekend was, despite the fact you picked a fight.

    Bette: I did not.

    Tina: Oh, but you did.

    Bette: How about we stop talking now.

    Tina closes her eyes and quietly moans when she feels Bette’s fingers inside of her.

    Tina: Whatever you say, baby….

    Bette climbs on top of Tina as they begin to kiss. Just as Bette presses down on Tina’s clit….

    Becca: Tina?

    They both stop moving and then turn and look at their closed bedroom door.

    Becca: Tina, are you up yet? Mama’s cookin’ breakfast and needs the cast iron.

    Tina drops her head back on her pillow in frustration.

    Tina: Yep, be right out!

    Becca: Alright…

    They both listen to Becca walk away from the door before Tina groans into the pillow. Bette laughs and pecks her wife on the forehead before she rolls back to her side of the bed.

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    1. Oh my goodness. What a pleasant surprise. This is one of my favorite stories. Bette and Tina as usual are absolutely hysterical. Their back and forth banter is just priceless. The Bette Porter effect. So true. Bette and Shane not interested in the strip club – love it – that ship has sailed. The advice that Bette gave to Shane and Carmen and Tina gave to Shane was so spot on. I just love this Bette so much. Unfortunately it looks like Michelle is going to be causing some drama and we probably have not heard the last of Jenny. Do not like Zoe one little bit. She has zero say over Mickey. And is so threatened by Bette. Would be terrible if after all of this time they end up in court. Don’t be that person Michelle! Mickey is the one who will get hurt. He and Angie and Josh are so close. And Michelle is only doing this appease Zoe while still in love with Bette. She cannot possibly believe for one split second that Bette would walk away from the stable and loving life she and Tina and the kids have built. And Helena’s show is fast approaching. So much going on. I’m glad that Tina and family are closer to Carol. Proud of how Tina stood up to Ricky. Hope that Bette still plans to attend her family reunion. So very happy that this wonderful story continues. Thank you.

    2. Great to see new chapter! Thank you.

      I’m agree with Becca – seems that this Bette and Tina lives in some pseudo-straight relationship. Whiskey, cigar and strip-club for “guys” and cooking and gossip for “girls”. The only difference between Bette and some block it’s her vagina and his dick. And very interesting how Tina denied it despite all facts her sister tell her. But that’s some things about bisexual – maybe this male/female relationship perfect for her – she gets two in one in this Bette.

    3. Wow…. what a chapter! So much happening. Is it possible that Becca is gay as well and just has not realized it. Twenty years and not having a very good relationship with her husband and she has children as well. Seems so sad. And Ricky is also married…. why did both siblings decide to take time away from their lives to accompany their mother to visit a sister whom they have been estranged from for years? I can see Becca wanting to accompany her mother, but Ricky seems like he just is a leach. He’s looking for some time away from his life with free food and entertainment. Its too bad they didn’t discover Ricky’s attitude and thoughts a little sooner in the week.

      The secret to getting Carmen back together with Shane is to let her and Bette get high. Shane trust and admires Bette and has all of her adult life. Bette has been through what Shane is going through. Bette knows that there is a right way to resolve problems and a wrong way. Withdrawing into your own private world will not work – it makes things worse. Sex does solve a lot of problems because its a method of communication and connection. It doesn’t solve everything, but it allows the connection between to people to exist and grow. It is one of the reasons Bette and Tina are so close – they keep their sex lives fresh and imaginative. They still deal with their children and their jobs, but they provide time for themselves as well.

      I love Carol. Its difficult for a parent to admit they were wrong. They made a huge mistake and it cost them their relationship with their children. Not accepting Tina’s gayness separated her from her daughter for many years. It cost her time with her grandchildren. And in reality, who cannot love Bette? And with Bette and Tina together, they are such a wonderful couple.

      I must say that I laughed when Tina had to see all the filmed auditions of actresses which were uncomfortable kissing a woman. And then to think there were women who refused the audition because they may have to kiss a woman. That too was funny. But I assume that in real life that truly is the case. Too bad, Tina really needs a Jennifer Beals and a Laurel Holloman to audition and get these rolls. These are two straight women who know how to kiss on screen. Maybe this Taylor will get a role in this movie.

      Oh my god…Jenny is more bizarre than the law allows. So judgemental and so paranoid. She just needs to go away.

      I am really enjoying this story…. I need to go back and reread the entire thing to refresh my mind on Bette and Tina’s saga. But please keep writing and give us more. Love to see this one through to the end…

    4. What a delight to see a new chapter!!!!

      One of my favourite stories of you!

      I fully agree with both Billy’s and Martha’s comment!

      It’s a good thing that i reread this story a few weeks ago so i just could fall right away in with this chapter.

      Carol is really making amends and i love how she teached Bette to make her famous spaghetti sauce and just sat down with Bette smoking a cigar and a whiskey. Becca made amends to and apoligized to Bette, even admitted she has falls for Bette’s spell too. Ricky annoyed the hell out of me, i would have kicked him out the house at the first day. Asshole.

      Michelle still in love with Bette and Bette as clueless as always. It’s all about Zoe’s ego and Michelle giving in to her whimps and possibilty harming her co-parent relationship and sort of friendship with Bette. At the end if things will go wrong Mickey is the one who will be hurt the most.

      Another great chapter, please don’t let us wait to long for a new chapter!

    5. I am glad you are back with an update. I am going to go back and refresh my memory regarding some characters and plot lines. I have been busy rewatching the OG series to make a list of the unresolved plot lines, mistakes and the unexplained. IC sure left us a Pandoras Box of loose ends. Thank you for the story. You have a great sense of humor.

    6. All I can say is thank you! It’s one of my favourite stories and I often go back to it when I need a pick me up and to just dissappear into a fictional world for a while. Amazing chapter as always! Waiting for the uptades from you is always worth it.

    7. WOW an update on one of my absolute favourite stories !
      Thank you so much for a superb 63 page post.
      I agree completely with Billy and Bibi as usual . Adore Bette and love Tina in this Story and look forward to more updates.
      Thank you for brightening up a very dark world.
      Stay safe and well

    8. Just wow! Love the family dynamics. Every family has at least one asshole ie. Ricky.

      I fear Michelle is still deeply in love with Bette and want a co-parenting relationship than evolves into a friendship. Tina needs to enlighten Bette more especially after this meeting. Zoe is narcissistic and egotistical. She is evil by using Mikey to inflate her ego and hurt Bette in the process. Bette has never denied Michelle access to Mikey. This is going to be a mess.

      I can’t wait for another installment. Thank you, thanks again.

    9. Omg…just read this WONDERFUL Chapter, full of all kinds of storyline nuggets!

      I have to collect my thoughts before I can really get into this Gem. Michelle, Michelle, Michelle you have been warned! Tina Kennard Porter don’t play that damsel in distress panting for her wife from you…BB3! (Baddest Bitch 3) You don’t none of that smoke! Tina will give you tem hands! hahaha

      OK, I have to get some sleep. Been up watching these Election Results for 2 days!

    10. Love this story. Went back and reread it all again. Love the banter between Bette and Tina. So happy Carol came to visit, wish she left her son at home. Not surprising she slapped him when she overheard his conversation with Tina. Good for her.. I agree with many of the other comments. Just miss updates to this story. Please post again soon!

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