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    The birthday Evening

    Bette felt like she had been spoilt she’d been given lovely gifts and had a lovely meal with her friends and wife. Shane refusing to let her pay. They were now home, Bette  kicked off her heels as they walked into the house, their home.

    “Ti,” Bette said Tina’s name as she went into the kitchen to make some decaf coffee.


    “Remember when you go drunk the other night,” Tonight they were both sober. Deciding that they had drunk enough the other night.

    “Yeah I remember some of it,” Tina said moving around the kitchen. She was wearing a tight dress that had gotten Bette’s attention at once.

    “Do you remember our conversation?”

    “Which one babe?” Tina didn’t really remember much that night.

    “You told me you wanted a baby,” Bette said, walking into the kitchen.

    Tina stopped. She had completely forgotten about that conversation.

    “Shit,” Tina whispered.

    “Why didn’t you tell me sooner babe,”

    “I…” Tina stood in the corner of the kitchen. Her back against the counter looking at Bette. “I don’t want to lose you.”

    “You don’t remember what I said do you?”

    “I don’t remember the conversation at all.”

    “Well I will remind you, you told me you wanted to still play but you want a baby, you want us to have a family and I said I do too, I want to have a baby with you Ti,”

    “What if I go off sex during my pregnancy, or I hate my body or…” Bette walked over to her, putting her hands on the counter top either side of Tina’s body.

    “Listen to me,” Bette looking into her woman’s hazel eyes. “I’m not leaving you. I want a family with you, our games will only be at he Condo. If that’s what you really want we can do that. I know you love our games. I know you enjoy our games but there is more to our relationship than sex.” Bette reached up and touched Tina’s face. “I want us to have a baby, I want to see you carry our child. I want to make love to you while you’re pregnant. I want to enjoy you. Love you. Tina the best thing you could ever give me is a family”

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