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    The Birthday Morning

    Tina slipped out of bed, smiling, today was Bette’s birthday the first they would have as a couple. She wanted everything to be perfect for her. Tina wrapped her naked body in robe and smiled to herself as she got Bette’s presents, putting them on top of the draws at the far end of their room. she looked at her sleeping wife, enjoying the stillness. Bette looked younger than her years when she was sleeping. Her hair tied back.

    Tina didn’t really know what it was like to have a partner and enjoy a birthday with them. Bette had given her a dark fantasy on her birthday, today she wanted Bette to just have a relaxing day.

    Tina smiled to herself. she removed her robe, she looked down at her body. since she had gotten with Bette she felt sexier than ever. Bette made her feel like she was sexy.

    Tina lifted the sheet at the bottle of the bed, and gently pushed Bette’s legs apart before crawling into position, her lips locking around Bette’s clit, gently licking, sucking and flicking. Smiling as she felt he wife’s centre flood with wetness.

    Bette’s eyes slowly opened as she felt Tina’s mouth on her, she naturally opened her legs wider. Feeling her wife slip a finger into her.

    “Fuck, Ti, “  Bette moaned, her hand going under the sheets and through her wife’s hair. holding Tina’s head in place. Her hips moving with her wife’s touch.

    Tina felt Bette’s fingers in her hair. holding her place. She smiled and pushed a second finger into her wife. curling her fingers, her lips locked around Bette’s clit. sucking she could feel Bette’s body reacting to her. she loved that she had this power over Bette’s body.

    Bette closed her eyes, she threw her head,

    “Tina,” She moaned. her body shaking as she gave into her orgasm.

    Tina pulled her fingers out and kissed up Bette’s body. before she found her lips and kissed her lips.

    “Happy birthday baby,” Tina smiled down at her wife.

    Bette slowly opened her eyes and look up at her wife, lover and best friends, her pushed Tina’s hair out of her face.

    “Thank you, babe,” she smiled. “I love you,”

    “I love you too,” Tina smiled.

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    1. Wow, Tina gave Bette a very pleasant wake up present for her Birthday!!!

      That was hot!

      And now a relaxed day with Tina and their friends to celebrate her Birthday.

      Thanks for another chapter!

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