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    The Birthday Treat

    Bette wasn’t usually to show complete and open affection but today was different, her and Tina had dressed causally and were in the car,

    “I’ve got to drop by the gallery, just to drop off some paperwork for the show and then I’m all yours.” Bette said as she started the car, Tina reached over and gently rubbed her leg.

    “Okay, do you have any plans for today?” Tina asked as they moved slowly through the LA traffic.

    “I told you this morning that today was all about you, it’s your birthday babe,”

    Tina smiled, turning to take in her lover. She closed her eyes and just thought for a moment. her mind always seemed to go back to those dirty thoughts that she had hidden for so long. Bette had awaken something in her and she couldn’t help how good it made her feel.

    Bette pulled up the lights and looked at Tina, she smiled, she could see that blush of arousal that was creeping up her neck. She knew that Tina was thinking something that made her feel very sexy

    “What are you thinking about?”  Bette asked, as she pulled away and turned into the parking lot for the gallery.

    “I can’t tell you now, we’re at the gallery.” Tina said, as Bette pulled into her space.

    “Do you intend to tell me?”


    “I will be two minutes.” Bette picked up the papers she needed to drop off, she walked in and Tina could see him talking to a man, who took the papers and smiled at his boss before she turned and came back to the car. once Bette was back in the car she looked at Tina, she couldn’t help herself she reached over and put her hand on the back of her neck and pulled her too her, kissing her passionately.

    “Now tell me what was making you wet,” Bette asked as she pulled away.

    “I’m ashamed of it.” Tina admitted looking down.

    “Honey, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed off. We can do whatever you want to do, I’m never going to judge you.” Bette said honestly. Her fingers running through Tina’s hair. she loved the feeling of her blonde hair. she loved being this close to her. she wanted Tina to be able to ask for things as well as being led to things.

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