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    The Birthday Treat

    “You promise,”

    “I promise.”

    “I want you too…” She took a deep breath. “I want you to tie me up, leave me, for a long time so I won’t know when you’re coming back. I want to be helpless, I want to hold back my orgasm and cum as hard as I can when you let me…” Tina looked down.

    Bette put her finger under her chin and gently pushed her face up to meet her.

    “Would you be naked?”

    “Yes, tied to the bed, arms and legs spread out. maybe that toy egg I’ve seen in the box inside me, softly buzzing.”

    “You want this today.”


    “Right,” Bette kissed her again. “We are going to go and get the best, and I mean the best sandwiches in town you’re going to need your strength. When we get home, you will use the bathroom and then strip naked and go to the basement, I will do anything for you.”  Bette kissed her again before putting the car into drive.

    They went and had the most amazing sandwiches before they headed back to the house. Bette watched as Tina went into the house and did as she was told in the car. Bette set up her mac with some work, to be able to leave Tina in the dark down stairs she would need a distraction.

    She heard the door of the basement open and she got up and went downstairs. Tina was removing her clothes as she entered. Bette didn’t speak. She walked over to the bed and put the metal cains and the leather cuffs into place. Tina walked over to the bed.

    “Lay down in the middle of the bed Pet.” Tina did so, making sure she was comfortable before handing each of her wrists to bed, Bette locked her in place before locking her ankles in place. She was spread open.

    Bette walked over to the draws in the corner and opened them, taking a out a small egg and a controller. She grinned as she walked over to Tina who was watching her.

    “You’re not allowed to cum until I come back down. do you understand?”

    “Yes Mistress.”

    Tina moaned as Bette pushed the egg inside and turned it on full making Tina lift her hips on the bed. She turned.

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