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    The Birthday Treat

    “Enjoy,” Bette turned, switched the light off and went back upstairs leaving the door open so she could hear Tina.

    Tina lay in the darkness trying to get her breathing underway. It maybe her birthday and her fantasy but she will wanted to please Bette. she lay there with the low humming and the vibration inside of her.

    She lay there thinking about the last few months. Her life had changed. She’d meet the love of her life. she’d found someone who would explore her darker side and didn’t mind pushing her to her limits.

    Bette had a control over her but only in the bedroom. Yes, Bette could make her weak when they talked about sex, but when they talked about art or movies or even he weather Bette would listen to her views and take things onboard. She’d never felt or known such love.

    Bette looked at her watch and saw that Tina had been down there for 90 minutes. She decided that was enough, she turned on the lights in the basement, putting them on dim, as not to hurt Tina’s eyes as she had been down there in the dark and walked down.

    She smiled at Tina lay in the middle of the bed her chest and neck covered in a arousal blush. Tina turned her head as Bette walked over to the bed.

    “You’ve done well.” Bette said pulling on the cord and pulling on the egg that had kept Tina on edge for the last 90 minutes.

    “I want to cum Mistress.” Tina admitted.

    Bette grinned and slipped four fingers into Tina, making her hips come off the bed. Bette reached forward and bit down Tina’s breast

    “Cum” She moaned before biting Tina’s nipple.

    Tina screamed her body shaking as she came, Bette grinned. As she pulled her hand out and wiped it on them on the sheets. She decided she wanted to take Tina. she stripped naked, something she rarely did in the playroom and put on Tina’s favourite strap on, she crawled between her legs and looked t her

    “You’re so sexy when you are tied to my bed, you’ve just cum and you’re begging me for more.”

    “I always want more, B please.” It was the first time Tina had called her that and Bette loved it.

    Bette smiled down at her.

    “I’m going to fuck you, then I’m going to take you and bath you and then I’m going to make love to you, how does that sound?” Bette asked

    “Anything B, anything.” Tina moaned.

    Bette grinned and pushed her hips forward slipping the toy deep into Tina who moved her hips as best she could when she was tied up.

    Bette kissed her before putting her weight onto her arms and fucked Tina hard. the whole bed was shaking with the force of her strokes. Tina completely submitted to her, she relaxed under Bette. giving herself completely.

    “Ti, cum, cum for me.”

    “AGHHHH B.” She screamed as she came the toy pushed out by the squirt, Tina relaxed and looked up at Bette. Bette could see she was exhausted.

    “Let me untie you and get you in the bath.”

    “You always take care of.” Tina yawned.

    “You are worth taking care off. I love you Tina Kennard. Not just as my pet, but as my lover, my best friend and my partner in life.” Bette never got mushy down here and Tina grinned.

    “I love you too, I need to clean up baby, I can feel my cum under me.”

    That did it they both started laughing. Bette got up putting the toy to one side she untied Tina and picked her up, cradling her she took her upstairs and lay her on their bed before drawing her a bath. She then gently helped Tina into it.

    “Relax, I will be back shortly, I need to clean the playroom up, there is a glass of wine, your book and you just stay I will back to wash you sexy body soon.” Bette said grinning.


    “Mmm,” Bette turned in the doorway at Tina’s voice.

    “Thank you,”

    “You never have to thank me, but soon you’re going to have to fulfil my darkest fantasy.”

    “I can’t wait B.” Tina grinned picking up her glass of wine. “B, hurry back.”

    “I will, I love you.”

    “I love you too,” Tina grinned. She hadn’t been this happy ever, and now she knew that Bette was going to share more of her fantasies too.

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