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    The Bitter Former Lover

    Tina sat at a table, at the far end of a popular coffee shop, her laptop in front of her. A coffee to one side of her, she was waiting for Bette. she had decided to get on with some work but she was now side tracked as she was looking at sperm donors. She was saving ones that she wanted Bette to look at.

    Tina looked up as the chair in front of her scrapped along the floor. She looked up into the face of Bette’s former lover.

    “I think it’s time you and I had a chat,” Felicity said,

    “Do I get a choice in this?” Tina asked closing her laptop, she didn’t want Felicity finding out what her and Bette were about to go through.

    “Not really,” Felicity said as she sat down and put her own cup of coffee onto the table.

    “Okay” Tina raised her eyebrow.

    “She will cheat on you,” Felicity said, a smile on her face.

    “I’m assuming you are talking about my wife,” Tina sat back and looked at Felicity, the woman dressed well but Tina didn’t see the appeal.

    “You are correct. You do realise you are nothing like any woman she’s dated. She usually likes her woman…”

    “Like you?” Tina asked.

    “Yes, like me, she prefers chocolate.” Felicity smiled as she spoke.  “She will grow bored with you and throw you the curb. She’s got a very high sex drive. She wants it twenty four seven, she’s grumpy when she doesn’t get it and…”

    “I’m sorry you’re trying to tell me about my wife, you do realise we’ve been together over a year and we’re married. I know her inside out,” Tina crossed her legs, just looking Felicity, she didn’t trust her. she hadn’t from the moment they had meet.

    “You barely know her Tina. you have no idea. She’s a sexual monster.”

    “Did you cheat on her or did you just walk away?” Tina asked.

    “She’s never told you,”

    “I never asked before,” Tina admitted.

    “I fucked someone else. to make her jealous. I fell in love with that person and she didn’t take kindly too it.”

    “She moved to New York because you fell in love with someone else.”

    “You can’t help who you fall in love with Tina, you should know that. But I tell you, she will get bored with her play thing. you will stop being interesting to her.” Felicity grinned as she spoke. “She didn’t want a wife or a family. she wants to control someone. You are that someone at the moment but she will get bored. Mark my words. she wasn’t faithful to me, I know that. I know when she went to London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, I knew she was in the clubs, fucking the women who stare at her.”

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