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    The booth

    Bette smiled as they slowly walked down into the basement, Tina was close to her and she enjoyed the fact that all eyes were on her. She hadn’t been to the club in nearly three year and here she was returning with a new women on her arm. A woman she knew would be wanted by both the men and the women.

    “Stay close.” Bette whispered as they walked towards a desk at the bottom of the stairs.

    “Ms Porter it’s lovely to see you,” The girl behind the desk said

    “Hello Lucy, I’ve reserved a booth for myself and my pet.”

    “We’ve given you the best one on the house,” Lucy replied as she picked up a drinks menu,

    Lucy guided them over to a both in the corner that was meant to sit five but at the moment it was just them, Tina noticed there were cushions on the floor under the table. She also noticed that there were hooks in the table and in the seat. She shifted nervously. Bette slid into the boot and signalled for Tina to do the same,

    “Come here pet,” Bette demanded that Tina sat close to her.

    “Lucy, I’ll have a bottle of house white please, two glasses.”

    “Coming up Ms Porter.” Lucy left them alone and Tina looked around, the booth was very private and dark, she knew that people really couldn’t see her, she could hear moans and groans blending in with the music. She looked around and could see a woman wearing what looked like just robes being fucked from behind by another woman from behind, Tina gasped. Looking away.

    Bette followed Tina’s eyeline before she looked away and smiled, enjoying the swing of the woman’s breasts.

    “What’s the matter pet?” Bette asked, reaching out and running her finger along Tina’s neck.

    “They are just fucking, in the middle of the bar.”

    “I know, she’s being very submissive because that’s not even her mistress and I know that for a starter.”

    “How?” Tina asked.

    “If you looked closer Pet, you’d have seen another woman holding her collar, look,” Bette said,

    Tina turned and in fact saw the woman was on a leash and it was being beheld by another woman, who was currently enjoying another woman, who was kissing her neck and had her hand down the mistresses pants.

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