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    The Call

    Tina sat in her tiny LA apartment, she had just had a phone call that was changing her life. She could resign from her low paid Hollywood job and head to New York to start her new career as a theatre producer. She picked up her cell phone, she took a deep breath. Since she had returned to LA two weeks ago she had spent ever evening talking to Bette. she had learnt so much about her. They got on very well.  They had a lot in common and she had found that she was falling in love with this woman. something she hadn’t expected. She took a deep breath. She opened her phone and found Bette’s number and clicked call. Putting the phone onto loudspeaker she waited for Bette to answer.

    “Hello,” Bette’s voice came down the line.

    “Hi B how are you?”

    “I’m good, just got home from work, I was hoping you’d call, How are you?” Bette asked,

    “Erm. well I’ve had a call.”

    “About the job?”

    “Yeah, I got it B. I need to find a place in NYC and move, I’ve got a month.” Tina couldn’t help but grin.

    “I’m so proud of you Ti,”

    “Thank you,” Tina glowed at Bette’s pride.

    “You don’t need to find a place here,”

    “I do B, where am I supposed to live,”

    “With me,”

    “B…” Tina said slowly.

    “What? Ti come on, over the last few weeks we’ve talked every day. We’ve got to know each other. I see you as my girlfriend, I want you here.” Bette said.

    “I have to ask you something,” Tina asked, her voice shaking

    “You can ask me anything,” Bette said softly

    “Have you…erm…well…”

    “What?” Bette knew what the question was but she wanted Tina to say it,

    “Have you been with anyone else since me?” Tina whispered the question as she was scared the answer was yes. She had found herself falling hard for Bette but she wasn’t sure if this was what Bette totally wanted.

    “No, Ti I haven’t. unless you count my hand and my rabbit. I don’t’ want any other woman I want you.”

    Tina took a deep breath

    “Really?” Tina asked softly.

    “Tina Kennard. You are the only woman I want in my bed. I’ve not been back to the club or even been on the scene since we left together. I see you as my girlfriend as I’ve said which means that I loyal to you, as I expect you to be to me.”

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