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    The Campaign

    Media Report


    New York Times




    Presidential hopeful Bette Porter has started the campaign trail in New York City, talking at the New York Library she said education was deeply important to her. Porter who attended Yale, stated “Every person should be given the building blocks to make a success of themselves. No matter your back ground you should see doors opening and not closing.”

    Porter, who is currently leading in the polls, wants to open those doors with more help getting high school students to college. She wants to see more grants given to gifted and talented young people, who she said are the next leaders of our great nation.

    Porter is openly gay and has been since she was at college. She is married to Television production owner and producer Tina Kennard. The couple live in Burbank near Kennards $8.9 million studio which is producing a range of television shows for a number of channels. Kennard is successful in her own right but has said she will be at her wife’s side as she runs for office.

    “Bette is the best person for the job, I stand by her. I’m willing to stand beside her to normalise our relationship and marriage The LGBTQ plus community have been seen as not equal for so long but we are like any other couple. We just happen to be two women loving each other.”

    Porter and Kennard have raised a daughter together, Angie who has just started reading History and Art at Yale, following in her mothers footsteps.

    Porter’s former lover Candice Jewel recently came out and said “She was lost as was I. I was very attracted to you. Yes I knew she was in a long term relationship but it didn’t stop us hooking up.” Porter has not been drawn for comment on the interview and questions were not raised at the Press conference yesterday.

    It would appear everyone wants to talk about her policies and what she is standing for. Porter will be in Seattle, Washington next.



    The Hilton on the Dock

    The Presidential Suite

    1579 Main Street





    Bette stepped out the of she shower and wrapped herself in the large soft towel that had been provided by the hotel. She flicked her hair back, letting it drip down her back. She took another towel and started to towel dry her hair so the water didn’t go everywhere. The door to the bathroom and Tina walked in, with two glasses of wine and her slim body wrapped in in a towel robe she had brought from home.

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