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    The Campaign

    “That shower is amazing,” Bette said softly as she took the glass and took a sip of the wine.

    “I will try it out then,” Tina said as she walked over and turned it on. Letting the water heat up again. She like her showers a lot hotter than Bette.

    Bette watched her wife, as she dropped her robe and get into the shower. Bette couldn’t help herself. She her wine next to her wife’s removed her towel and got into the show softly closing the glass door. She kissed her wife’s shoulder, gently running her open mouth from Tina’s upper arm to her neck. Tina put her head back, letting the hot water run down her body as Bette moved her lips along Tina’s neck and her hands around Tina’s hips. Her hand slipping down between her wife’s legs finding her wet centre. Bette simply moved her fingers over her wife’s clit. Listening to Tina’s moans in her ear as she also cupped her breast with her other hand.

    “Fuck B,” Tina moaned as Bette’s fingers worked her clit. That would be all it took and they both knew it. Tina loved her clit being rubbed and Bette knew just the way to do it.

    “You’re so sexy when you moan you know that,” Bette whispered before sucking on her wife’s ear lobe.

    Tina could feel her legs buckling. Her breathing increasing. Her body giving over to Bette’s sexual powers as it always did. Since day one together Bette had a magic power over. Something that Tina could not explain.

    “Bette.” Tina whispered before cumming. Her body shaking, a flush covering her upper body.

    Bette held her wife. Kissing her neck.

    “I love you baby,” Bette whispered.

    “I love you too, you make me weak.”

    “I don’t know how after all this time.” Bette grinned as she got the soap and started to wash her wife, gently. Even washing her hair. She loved treating Tina like a queen.

    Once they were finished they got out and Bette wrapped a towel around Tina and smiled.

    “I’m very lucky,” Bette said softly.

    “Me too, you treat me like a queen. If people only knew that you wash me,”

    “Agh that’s not something you need to tell people baby.”

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