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    The Car

    Tina found herself looking out of the window of the expensive car, she was watching the city slowly move past. Her nervous were slowly getting the better for her. she’d never done any of this before. She hadn’t even expected to ever be doing this. Not only had she never been with a woman, but she had never fully submitted to anyone. She wasn’t sure she was making the right choice. She wasn’t sure what she was doing. Her breathing was quick as she thought about it all. She knew she was intoxicated by Bette, drawn to her in a way she’d never bene drawn to a man. She was scared.

    Bette looked at Tina, she could see that Tina’s mind was racing.

    “Do you regret agreeing to come with me?” Bette’s voice was soft and smooth,

    Tina looked at her, this woman was completely and utterly captivating.

    “No, no, I’m just, erm, scared.”

    “Tell me why?” Bette asked, She wanted to know.

    Tina couldn’t answer as she wasn’t sure of the answer.

    “Do you trust me?” Bette asked softly

    “I don’t know you.”

    “True, very true. Yet you know I what I expect of you.”

    “I’m attracted to you,” She whispered.

    “Agh, here was me thinking you are not gay,” Bette’s smile was wicked and it made Tina weaker.

    “I don’t think I am,”

    “Yet, here you are coming to my apartment. For what I can assure you is not a coffee break.

    “I know, I know, I do,” Tina was confused.

    Tina’s mind went back to her quiet life in LA. She lived away from the spotlight and she was in the TV industry.  She’d been hiding herself for so long. she didn’t know if she could let herself out.

    “I’m not really sure I can do this,”

    “Have you ever been really fucked Tina?” Bette asked.

    Tina reached her hand to mouth, she was trying to hide her gasp, her blush and her body shaking. She never knew one person could make her this weak. She wanted to hide her true self.

    “I’ve had sex,”

    “That wasn’t my question Ms Kennard,”

    “I’ve had sex with one man,” Tina whispered. She didn’t want to admit she hated it.

    Bette was a little shocked, but she didn’t want to show that to Tina. She could see that she was young but she didn’t expect her to be this innocent.

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