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    The Claiming

    Bette smiled as she watched the car pulling up to the very private condo that overlooked the LA skyline from the hills. Bette had commission the place months ago and was glad it was now finished. It had one purpose and one purpose only. It was for them the play in. The whole place was designed for BDSM play. She had made sure it was surrounded by trees and that the road was private and no one could really stumble upon the place. She opened the large door and walked out, tonight she was wearing a shirt, with her sleeves rolled up, dress pants and heels. she smiled as the driver got out and popped the trunk.

    “Ms Porter, where shall I put Ms Kennard’s bag,”

    “I will take it, wait with her while I put it away.”

    The driver took the bag from the trunk and passed it to Bette, who put it just inside the front door. she then returned the car, she opened the door and smiled, her woman had done as she had asked, she was sat with the scarf covering her eyes.

    “Ready Pet?” Bette asked.

    “Yes Mistress,” Tina responded.

    The drive watched as Bette took Tina’s hand and lead her out of the car. she closed the door and gave him his pay plus a tip. He knew he was dismissed, but he couldn’t complain for twenty minutes work he had earned $1000 including his tip. He knew most of that money was to keep his mouth shut. He got in the car and left.

    Bette took Tina side the condo. She closed the door. she looked at her, taking her in. she approved of the dress. She started to undo the belt.

    “I’m glad to see you read well. I love to have easy access to you.” Bette whispered in her ear as she opened the dress. Grinning at Tina’s underwear. “You’re fucking sexy Pet. You know what I like don’t you?”

    “Yes Mistress,” Tina was slightly breathless.

    “No we are married I’ve decide on a few things.” Bette pushed the dress off Tina’s shoulders watching it pool at her feet. She could see that Tina was trembling. She gently ran her fingers down her chest, watching the muscles move with her fingers. She loved the power she had over Tina’s body. she also loved that Tina was just stood there her hands at her sides, she wasn’t trying hide herself like she had done before. “Our home will no longer be a playground, our home is going to be where we live as a married couple, the basement will be transformed into an office space we can both use,”

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