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    The Confrontation

    Candace jerks Bette further back by her hair before releasing her causing her to fall to the ground. Candace laughs.

    “Stupid bitch. You really thought you could hide from me? HUH?!”

    Bette is still on the ground her head turned away from Candace. She’s trying to find the strength to stand up and stand her ground – to speak up for herself – but she wasn’t prepared for the flashbacks that are now looping through her mind. Candace squats down and yanks at Bette’s hair again until they’re face to face.

    “Are you deaf now too? You answer me when I’m talking to you.”

    Bette’s mind is in a fog. She’s trying to pull herself to the present, but she’s weightless – Candace’s words sound watered – like she’s under water. Meanwhile, Tina is struggling to keep her promise to Bette while she watches what’s happening from the monitors in the spare bedroom.

    “Shane?!” Tina whisper yells as she paces the room. “I have to go out there, I have to. She isn’t ready to face this – she isn’t – she needs more time, more therapy.”


    “No! Look! Look at her! She’s frozen in fear Shane. That bitch came barging into our home, and Bette didn’t even get her bearings before that heifer put her hands on her. I can’t let her hurt her… Shane… I can’t.”

    Tears start to fall from Tina’s eyes and Shane reaches out a hand in comfort.

    “I know this is hard Tina – I get it – but we have to give Bette a chance before we run in. I don’t want her hurt either, but she deserves a chance to try to pull herself together and stand her ground on her own before we run to her rescue. Let’s just give her a few more minutes, okay? Give her a chance to turn the tables.”

    Tina sits back next to Shane at the monitors, crossing her arms across her chest.

    “Fine! Bette has five more minutes to try it her way before I go in and beat that ugly ass bitch to a pulp.”

    Shane smirks.

    “And I thought Bette was Alpha…”

    Back in the living room, Candace continues to bait and berate Bette.

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