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    The Conversation.

    Bette had made sure everything was perfect, she loved this house, she’d had it built 10 years early when she’d made her first million and it made her happy that she was now back in it. Tina had arrived at seven and Bette had taken her overnight bag and put it into her large master bedroom, Tina was now stood with a glass of wine in her hand looking at a black and white photograph by one of Bette’s favourite photographer, it was a woman tied to a St. Andrew’s cross, with another woman on her knees in front of her. the look of pleasure in the submissives face said it all.

    They had had a lovely dinner but they hadn’t spoke about anything other than work and life in general.

    “Tina please come and sit with me,” Bette said as they went into the large living room, Bette sat down and watched as Tina sat on the sofa away from her. she could see that Tina was nervous. Tina put her glass down.

    “I want to say that while we have this conversation we are equals,” Bette said, “I’m not your mistress and you’re not my pet, we are going to have a serious conversation, okay?”

    “Yes, I’m fine with that Bette.”  Tina sat herself back and looked at a woman she was attracted too.

    “Are you still not gay?” Bette asked, Tina smiled at the words,

    “I’m bi sexual. I’m attracted to men and women,” Tina said. “I’ve just never enjoyed sex the way I did with you.”

    “Could it have been the type of sex we had?” Bette asked.

    “No, you took the time to explore my body, make me feel special even when I was tied down. there was a moment you sat on the bed and gently pushed my hair out of my face, no man has done that for me.” Tina admitted.

    “I would our relationship to be more than sex, I’ve got to know you Tina, I love the person you are, I want us to build something together but I can’t switch on this side of me.”

    “I don’t want you too,” Tina said at once.

    “Good, as I said early we need some formal terms.”

    “Go on,” Tina said she was willing to listen. Something about this woman drew her in.

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    1. Wow, so many chapters already, i love them!

      That was a honest and important talk they had. Bette made the rules and expactations of what she wants very clear to Tina. She wants everything and not only a “pet”.

      Let their journey to build a loving and lasting relationship begin.

      Looking forward to the next chapters!

      • I’m naive.

        Bette wants it “all” from Tina as long as she(Bette) keeps her BDSM urges?? She shows up in LA and calls Tina her “Pet”???

        I’m too sensitive.

        Bette says that she cant switch “on” that side of herself. Is the word “on” just a typo? Should the word “off” been in the sentence???

        Am I making a big deal out of nothing??????

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