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    The Darkness

    Tina knelt in the middle of the living room of the condo, she was completely naked, her hands resting on her naked thighs, her eyes covered by a blind fold. She was listening carefully, her world was complete darkness.

    “Tonight,” Bette’s soft voice came from behind her, “Is about trust. How much you really trust me, I’ve taken away your sight. I will reward you for how you protected me and yourself today, What are you safe words?”

    “Red, Yellow and Green,” Tina whispered, she was lost in the darkness.

    “I want you feel. I want you to taste, to smell. To fucking enjoy.” Bette smiled.

    Bette took in her wife, her wife’s perfect naked body. she couldn’t wait to see her pregnant. She loved her wife’s body. she walked up behind Tina. she had taken off her shoes on purpose. Making sure that couldn’t hear her. Bette was enjoying the power she had over Tina’s body. she ran her finger down Tina’s spine, watching the blonde shake, Tina turned her head,

    “No, Ti forward,” Bette demanded

    Tina moved her head back. she could feel her nipples hardening and all Bette had done was touch her spine. Her body reacting to her woman.

    Bette moved and sat on the coffee table in front of Tina, she loved seeing the blush that covered her neck and chest. Something that only happened when he was aroused. Bette reached out and flicked her nipple.

    “Oh God,” Tina moaned. she wasn’t into pain but the flick had sent a shockwave through her body to her pussy. Bette repeated the action on the other breast, making sure they got equal treatment. Tina moaned.

    Bette smiled. she loved the power she had over Tina’s body. she ran her finger through the valley of her breasts watching the muscles in her stomach flex as she lightly touched them.

    “I’m not sure what I want to do with you, maybe I should tie you up, fuck you hard. or I could strap you to bed and fuck you. whatever I think about in my head it ends with me fucking you senseless.”

    “I’m yours.” Tina replied.

    “Yes, yes you are,” Bette reached out and touched her face. loving that Tina trusted her to this level. “Are you wet for me?” Bette asked

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