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    The Date

    “The deal is broken,” Fiona answered, sternly. “While I may have had my own retaliation with her, she riddled this house full of bullets. My daughter fought back.”

    Helena looked over at her ex-wife, “what did you do?”

    Tina shrugged, sipping on a dry martini, “I set one of her men on fire.”

    “Jesus, Tina,” Phyllis said, shaking her head.

    “My mother was right,” Tina answered, looking at Helena and Phyllis, “that deal was never going to work. There is too much history between us.”

    Fiona smirked at Phyllis, “it was a waste of time.”

    “I know that you,” Phyllis turned to look at Fiona, “and you,” she then turned to Tina, “aren’t too worried about this considering you two cannot die, but the rest of us can.”

    Tina swallowed hard as she stared up at the ceiling, “Phyllis, look. We care about this coven just as much as you do. We are going to fight back.”

    Helena saw Phyllis was about to say something, “I know, Tee.”

    Tina looked over at Helena, “we will call if we need you.” Glancing over at Gabby, “and either my mother or I will do the calling.”

    Helena nodded before standing up and looking at Phyllis, “let’s go.”

    “What?” Phyllis asked, shocked. “We are just going to leave without a plan of action?”

    “You can either leave or I can toss you out of the house,” Fiona threatened, staring at Phyllis, “and I’m not talking figuratively.”

    “Mother,” Tina warned before looking at the two council members, “I’ll show you out.”

    Helena nodded, grabbing a hold of Phyllis as they followed Tina to the front door.

    “I’ll meet you in the car,” Helena said, turning around to face Tina once again. “I’m sorry for just barging in. I thought that you knew we were coming.”

    Tina shrugged, “it’s not your fault. You’re the council.”

    “Yes, but you’re the matriarch,” Helena smirked at her ex.

    Tina rolled her eyes, a slight smile gracing her lips. “Well…maybe. But as long as my mother is alive.”

    “Forever,” Helena let out a small laugh before looking up at the blonde. “It was nice seeing you again.”

    “Hmm…” Tina nodded in slight agreement.

    “I hope that we are able to have some sort of relationship after the way things ended…” Helena whispered as a small tear escaped.

    “You mean after you cheated on me and I divorced you?” Tina questioned, looking at her ex-wife.

    “Still the worst mistake I ever made,” Helena said, brushing away a tear before standing up straight. “I better get going.”

    Tina nodded as she swallowed hard. Watching Helena walk away, she shook her head- turning around and closing the door behind her.




    1. Thank you for the chapter! I have a feeling that maybe it’s not Merrie who broke the deal. My money on Fiona, who just doesn’t want the peace. Hmm, and very interesting how Tina could deal with her nails in bed with Bette). Waiting for the next part!

    2. Finally got to start this new story of yours and yes please continue!!!

      But maybe Bette isn’t so susceptible to Tina’s ‘pull’ because of Tina’s power but rather because she has some powers of her own that she hasn’t realized yet? Looks like real feelings to me :) Such an interesting story!

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