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    The Diary—Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    As they walked into the lobby of the conference hall, the faintest of music could be heard coming from behind the double doors where the reunion was currently in full swing..

    Bette immediately stops while releasing Tina’s hand and turns to her. “Do you mind if I go and freshen up first before we go inside” she looks Tina over admiringly “You are perfect though but I’m sure my mascara has morphed me into Uncle Fester”

    Tina chuckled “I’d say you are looking more like Morticia to me at this moment and my inner Gomez Addams is wanting to come out right this minute” she says taking a step back and gestures her hand at Bette mimicking Gomez

    “Cara Mia?…I long for you to say to me the words Ma Cherie driving me wild with passion so I can hold your arm against me kissing it feverishly and feeling the softness of your deliciously inviting skin against my aching lips continuing down to the divinely succulent taste of your wrist” Tina raises an eyebrow at Bette and seductively winks at her.

    Bette shakes her head and smiles at Tina who just awoken a dormant side of her that she hadn’t felt in a long time. Her cheeks flushing red “Is it wrong that I’m highly turned on right now?”  she asks almost embarrassed

    Tina chuckled “That was the intent Cara Mia”. she winks again and takes Bette’s hand “Let’s go before we decide to forget we aren’t alone right here”. She says as they make their way inside the restroom.

    After a quick touch up of their makeup and hand flip of their hair they step inside the room and approached an unattended table with name tags spread out in alphabetical order.  Tina looked in the K’s and found her name tag actually had Tina and not Chris as her first name.  She was thankful for updating her alumni information.  Bette had found hers and stuck it right above her left breast. Tina looked at her and chuckled

    “Bette, sweetie, you really don’t need a name tag.  Everyone here already knows who you are”

    Bette shrugs “Well everyone else is wearing theirs and you never know who may be suffering from amnesia or whatever”

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    1. Great nite for these two…. like to see Bette run into some of her ex’s. I think they deserve to see what they missed out on…. oh well. They need to see Bette with Chris and how happy they are together. I love the Addams family routines they are going for. This will be a reunion they will remember for a long time….

      The Thriller dance had to be good….

      Great chapter…. please write more.

    2. Great Chapter thanks!

      Would have loved to have seen the Thriller dance

      Need to see some of Bette’s exes so Tina’s presence can rub their faces in it.

      Loved it, thanks for posting looking forward to more.

    3. I loved this chapter. Especially the Thriller reenactment. What a cool and memorable first date. The perfect first date actually. The playful banter- Addams Family references. Just great.

    4. What a fantastic chapter!

      This part melted my heart:

      “Bette wipes the tears from her eyes with her free hand trying not to smudge her mascara “Jesus Tina. You are melting me right now. I can’t believe you are real you know. It’s like I’m going to wake up and this will all be a dream. What a cliche huh?” She chuckles through her emotions

      Tina place her free hand on Bette’s cheek “You feel that don’t you?…That’s real”. Bette closes her eyes relishing the feel of Tina’s palm against her cheek. She opens them when she feels Tina remove her hand and grab hers placing it over her heart “Do you feel this Bette?” Tina asks as Bette nods feeling Tina’s heart beat at an accelerated rate “This is real. My heart will always beat this way for you. Anytime you think this is a dream, remember the way the palm of my hand feels on your cheek and how my heart races for you”

      So beautiful and sweet! Tina has a way with words!

    5. Great chapter, glad there love is finally out there and there together. Reunions are always pretty daunting, but looks like there managing, doesn’t seem to be anyone else around in there eyes!! Can’t wait for ‘the walk in the grounds ‘!!

    6. Pie,
      Your “pie” of a story is totally scrumptious, but the slices are too small. There! Now that we’ve discussed that, I can comment like a decent person.

      Tina. She will have to guard against eating Bette entirely up!!! She’s already, an alpha babe, but her intense romantic passion is going to overwhelm Bette bigly at some point.

      Bette is use to this one and that one wanting to have her as arm candy, but she hasn’t been exposed to someone who “cherishes” her. Wendy’s “love” was conditional and it worked as long as Bette didn’t require more honest care.

      • My dear DumplinT!

        I shall serve you bigger slices soon!

        And as far as Bette..She wants the attention it’s just she isn’t used to hearing it. All throughout the book she has wanted to be treated the way Tina has talked about her in the Diary. Now that this is real and she is receiving that very thing she just can’t believe it. Trust me. The last thing she will be is overwhelmed. And this story has been a slow burn and will continue for awhile..Tina is not going to rush this thing with Bette. And Bette isn’t ready to take it to that level just yet either. It’s time for them to build this thing and be rewarded later ; ). I’m not rushing these characters into the bedroom when I have taken time to bring them to this point

        But the journey will be fun with heaping slices of “pie” goodness

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