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    The Diary—Chapter 2

    ”You?….You are involved with Wendy?” Bette spoke in utter bewilderment and shook her head as she grabbed a rag to soak up the Martini that spilled on the counter.  

    After observing Helena nod her head and not making eye contact, Bette sighed seeing the devastation on Helena’s face.

     ”I’m sorry Helena”

    Tina placed her hand on Helena’s shoulder.

    ”Helena? Bette retained me to represent her against Wendy and that’s why I am here because I wanted to talk to Bette about this…I think you could really help our case”

    Helena sat frozen slowly comprehending and absorbing everything. She felt like she had been hit by a mac truck.

    Bette sighed as she threw the soaked rag in the basket underneath the counter.

    ”Tina?… Maybe this isn’t a good idea. Helena obviously isn’t in any frame of mind to talk………..I mean look at her…” Bette said as she leaned forward against the counter

    Helena hung her head covering her face with her hands and began to cry.

    ”I just can’t believe this” Helena sobbed as Tina pulled her into her chest and held her.  

    Bette and Tina couldn’t do anything but watch as Helena slowly began gathering herself and pulling away from Tina’s embrace. She wiped the tears from her eyes and off her cheeks that had steadily fallen for the last few minutes.

    “Bette do you have any tissue?” Tina asked as Bette nodded and grabbed a tissue box from under the counter placing it within Tina’s reach.

    “Here Helena” Tina  prompted pulling some tissue out and holding it out until Helena took it out of her hand.

    Helena finished wiping her tears away and composed herself..

    “Tina?..When you came in here you said something about me helping with Bette’s case..What possibly could I do to help you?”

    “Helena you don’t have—-“ Tina began and was cut off by Helena

    “I want to help..I just want to know what I can do”

    “You sure you are ok to talk about this Helena?” Bette asked and secretly hoping that something positive can come from whatever Tina had planned. Her anger for Wendy growing every minute.

    Helena nodded “Yes I’m sure..So tell me Tina…What can I do?”

    “Well we need you to collaborate Bette’s story of Wendy’s cheating. Technically she was still cohabitating with Bette while she was entering a relationship with you”

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    1. Hi, thanks for the another chapter!

      So, Peabody is off the case and things become more complicated. Ok, will see what you’ll brings in next chapters.
      Waiting for the next!

    2. Great update. Hope something can be worked out so Helena can be a witness in the case. Wendy will give her self away anyway, she reminds me of an early Helena on the show, arrogant as hell, demanding everyone do her bidding no matter what. Can hardly wait until Tina finds out about Bette and the diary. Thanks for posting.

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