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    The Diary—Chapter 2

    Bette immediately lowered her head on her desk brieflyand sighed before lifting it back up to stare at the ceiling..

    “This can’t be good..I’ve got to call Tina” Bette mumbles grabbing her cellphone and scrolling to Tina’s number.


    “Well good luck with that Marshall……Ok” Tina says placing the receiver back in the cradle. Turning her attention back to the folder on her desk.

    “Bette Porter on line 1” Cynthia’s voice belted out over the speaker. 

    “Just the person I needed to talk to” Tina mutters before picking up the receiver”

    “Hey Bette.  I was just getting ready to call you”

    “Oh really?  Well I need to talk to you so you first”

    “Well I just got off the phone with Wendy’s lawyer and she has received the summons.  They are filing a motion to dismiss”

    “So what does that mean for us now?” Bette asked nervously 

    “Well they will get a date to go in front of the judge and move to dismiss it but its a mute effort.  No judge is going to dismiss it.  It’s a futile attempt.  Our next step will be a mediation before the court date. We will meet with Wendy and her law team to discuss our terms and hear their offer— if they even have one”

    “Tina… This whole thing is making me extremely nervous not to mention things may get complicated” Bette says causing Tina to scrunch her forehead 

    “What do you mean?” 

    “Well I started work with Steve today…” Bette begins and is immediately cut off

    “Oh shit I totally forgot that!…How is it going?”

    “Well it was going fine until I found out that one of our clients is Peggy Peabody and Helena is CFO and we will be reporting to her since Ms. Peabody is away”

    “Are you serious?!” Tina asks in bewilderment 


    “Oh Bette this isn’t good.. This isn’t good at all”

    Bette sighs “I was afraid of that”

    “I know Marshall and his team will be digging into everything, they can use the argument that Helena would be a conflict of interest since she is your firm’s client and also their client’s current girlfriend. Or ex girlfriend if Helena breaks up with her over what we told her…They would likely try to discredit her in entirety and point out the fact that you are her hired accountant” Tina sighs heavily “Bette….I hate to say this but we can’t bring her in…We are going to have to take Helena out of the equation”

    “I knew this wouldn’t be good.. Shit…” was all Bette could say as she leaned back in her chair”

    “Bette don’t worry…. Helena would have made our case a little easier but we have a strong case already…And I love to fight so trust me ok”

    “I trust you Tina… It’s Wendy I don’t trust..She has enough money to pay anyone to lie for her..I’m sure she paid the maid off”

    “Bette..You don’t have to worry about Wendy….I know Marshall has told her to lay low and stay the straight and narrow” Tina tries to reassure as Cynthia places a package on her desk and smiles before leaving causing Tina to roll her eyes at her.

    “I hope you are right….Well I need to get started on these books…Thanks Tina”

    “We are going to be alright Bette…I’ll check in with Helena and let her know and I’ll call you later…..” Tina says hanging up the receiver.

    “Damn it…There went that…” Tina mumbles as she grabs the package and studies it..

    “Another package from my secret admirer” Tina grins and eagerly opens the package to reveal another puzzle piece and nothing else.

    “What the hell?…Just a puzzle piece?…No message!….No gift?….How rude!” Tina jokingly mumbles and smiles as she pulls out the box containing the other puzzle pieces and drops it in before putting the box back in its resting place.



    1. Hi, thanks for the another chapter!

      So, Peabody is off the case and things become more complicated. Ok, will see what you’ll brings in next chapters.
      Waiting for the next!

    2. Great update. Hope something can be worked out so Helena can be a witness in the case. Wendy will give her self away anyway, she reminds me of an early Helena on the show, arrogant as hell, demanding everyone do her bidding no matter what. Can hardly wait until Tina finds out about Bette and the diary. Thanks for posting.

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