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    The Diary–Chapter 3

    Chapter 3

    “Yes Tina.. I am fully prepared to do what we discussed.”

    “Ok ..I’m just making sure because Bette working with you is a potential conflict of interest that Wendy’s lawyer can use against us.”

    “I am aware of that..My understanding is that Steve Sykes will be handling the account so I will have little to no interaction with Bette. Hank Patterson our CFO will be handling the audit with Steve” Helena said relieved that she would most certainly not be dealing with Bette.

    “Perfect..I’ll be in touch…Bye Helena”

    “Bye Tina”

    Helena places the receiver back in the cradle and leans back in her mother’s executive chair. In deep thought she subconsciously taps her pen on the edge of the desk. Wendy Valero made her look like fool and Helena Peabody is nobody’s fool. She wasn’t quite sure how she was going to accomplish what Tina requested but she was going to succeed one way or the other. As an idea popped into her head, she swiveled around to the desk directly behind her and pulled a card out of her purse. She swiveled back around picking up the receiver pushing buttons with purpose.

    “Hi.. This is Helena Peabody..I have a proposition for you..Are you interested?”


    “Sure…No problem Steve..I will just swing by the office and grab the books on the way there.”

    “Thank You Bette. I wouldn’t throw this on you so soon after you just started but I have to fly out in the morning”

    “Steve. This is why you hired me..To take the load off of you. I’ve got this”

    “I know and I’m confident you can handle it. When you get there you are to ask for Hank Patterson. He is the CFO and will be your contact during the entire audit”

    Bette sighed in relief knowing she would not have to interact with Helena.

    “Sounds great..And don’t worry I will take care of everything. You have a safe flight”

    “Thanks Bette. Call me if you have any questions..I’ll see you Monday..Bye”

    “Will do..Bye Steve” Bette replies ending the call and setting her cellphone down on the end of the coffee table. Getting herself comfy on the sofa she grabs the leather bound mini shrine dedicated to herself and gives it a slight rub with her fingers before opening it to the next bookmarked entry.

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    1. Well, well, well!

      ‘Better late than Never’!

      The return of my favourite Pie!

      Have you heard of New Year Resolutions? How about your’s being to post regularly so I can have a piece of my favourite Pie with my Cuppa?

      Welcome back -thank you for starting my New Year with a Post.
      My 2018 has been horrendous and I hope we all have a Happy and Healthy New Year.

      Thanks for Post please Post again soon.


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