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    The Diary—Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    Bette entered the Planet emotionally and mentally exhausted from the day and was in desperate need of some spirits. It was best for her to just forget about everything for awhile. She set her purse down in the chair next to the one she now occupied and waved at the bartender.

    “Fucking Wendy” she mumbles as the bartender made his way to Bette.

    “Hey Bette.  How is the new job going?” He asks already knowing what Bette’s drink of choice was.

    “Going great Denton” She replies in a slight sarcastic tone.

    “That good huh?  You want to come back here and bartend for Kit again?”

    Bette shakes her head.

    “Not a chance.  Besides.. If I did I would become an alcoholic having access to all this booze” she points behind Denton.

    Denton laughs as he begins to mix  Bette’s drink but she stops him.

    “No. I want shots..Tequila..Forget the lime and salt..And keep them coming”

    “Wow..Ok..You have a death wish?” He asks curiously grabbing a shot glass from underneath the counter.

    “Not for me” Bette answers patting her hand on the counter urging Denton to hurry up which he obliges. He slides the first shot to her which she quickly knocks back.

    “Another one” 

    “Bette..I don’t know if-“

    “Denton are you going to serve me or do I have to get the bottle of Tequila and do it myself?”

    Denton threw his hands up “Alright!..But when Kit gets here I’m cutting you off..She’s not going to like this you know”

    “Fine..Whatever..Just keep them coming”

    Bette sat there throwing back shot after shot until she felt a hand tap her on her shoulder.  She turned around and gave the biggest smile.

    “Ms. Kennard!..Tina!..aka Bulldog!…Have a seat!..Have a seat!” Bette drunkenly offered while trying to pull the bar stool out next her with great difficulty.  Tina tried to take over but Bette wasn’t having it.

    “I got it!..I got it!” She assured and finally stopped swaying back and forth long enough to pull it out…”There”

    Tina shook her head at Bette’s inebriated state and sat down.

    “Bette!…What the hell?..You’re drunk!” Tina scolded. 

    Bette gave her a raised eyebrow.

    “Noooooool…I’m not drunk!…I’m perfectly fine!…See!” Bette answers taking both index fingers and alternating them repeatedly to touch the tip of her nose in sober fashion. “Told you”

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    1. I like drunk Bette) But i don’t like the reason her drinking – she obviously still not get over Wendy.

      And Tina almost found out about diary – Bette was saved by the ring

      Thank you and waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya!…Thank you for reading!…Oh and Bette is definitely over Wendy if I haven’t made that clear….She is very much into Tina if I also haven’t made that clear….The reason for her drinking this time is the stress of the lawsuit and from seeing Wendy and having to hold back her anger for the sake of the lawsuit.

          • Totally see your point. And you are right.. But I just wanted to point out that Bette was drinking due to the situation she was in and not because she still has any lingering feelings for Wendy…

    2. Hi Pie,
      So happy to see a Post from you on this great story. I love how you write my favourite couple in this story, especially drunken Bette.

      I have had an horrendous 2018 but hope to have turned the corner to a super 2019. One thing that could ensure this would be regular posts from my favourite Pie to have with my Cuppa! Do you think this May be possible? Perhaps weekly!:-)

      Happy New Year Pie! You know I love you Cliff Hangers, short Posts and all! :-)


      • Hey my favorite SG! Happy New Year! I’m so sorry that you had a terrible 2018!..I hope and pray that 2019 will be much better for you!

        And I know I haven’t been posting regularly but my job keeps me so busy it’s hard to find the time to write but I am making an effort to do just what you ask.. Posting weekly (maybe more frequently than that ) so you can enjoy a read with your morning Cuppa!

        I also know you hate cliffhangers but I hope to not leave you hanging for long..And the short posts only mean I will be posting more often!.

        Love you SG! : )

    3. That alone made me sick so what fucking difference does it make if I drink Tequila or not”

      “Say what?” Kit asks dumbfounded.

      “Holy shit!” Tina exclaims immediately knocking back the Tequila shot.

      “See I told you”

      Bette smirked at Tina who was motioning Denton for another shot.

      Whoooo Doggie!! I just laughed so hard when Tina slammed a shot down and asked for another!! Bette is hilarious and is in the right to be slamming down the Tequila!!!!

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