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    The Diary—Chapter 4

    “Well I wouldn’t worry about Helena.  I’m sure she can take care of herself”

    Bette shrugged her shoulders and lowered her head.

    “Bette?….Bette?” Kit called out in concern..

    “Mmmmph” Bette groaned unable to speak. Her head bobbing slowly up and down..

    “Lord she’s about to pass out..Girl can’t handle Tequila and I should wring Denton’s bony neck for serving that shit to her” Kit says shaking her head

    Tina grabs ahold of Bette to keep her steady on the bar stool..

    “Kit I will take her home”

    “Oh Tina..Would you please?  Her car will be ok here…She’s really going to pay for that later” They both look at Bette who was pretty much gone.

    “I’ll stay with her until she seems to be alright…Don’t worry”

    “Thank you…I’ll get Denton to help bring her to your car.  And you let me know if I need to come over there..I can be there as soon as I close down” Kit offers and hands Tina her business card with her contact numbers on it

    “Thanks.  I’ll call if I need anything” Tina answers as she and Denton walk a half conscious Bette to Tina’s car.

    They put her in the back seat and strap her in..Tina grabs her coat off the front passenger seat and folds it placing it between the window for Bette’s head to rest on. Once satisfied, Tina starts the car and proceeds to Bette’s apartment.

    Tina couldn’t help but replay Bette’s comment over in her head “I know what your wish was….or still is?”  What did she mean by that.  It was obvious she was not going to get an answer as Bette would probably not remember after tonight and was not at all cooperative at the Planet.

    Tina spent the rest of the drive stealing glances at Bette through the rear view mirror and just like that she was back in high school stealing glances and gawking at the girl that had been her obsession. For Tina though she had a chance to get to know Bette as her attorney and hopefully as a friend if nothing ever else came out of it.  Besides she had her secret admirer that was intriguing her more and more. She smiled as she pulled into the parking lot of Bette’s apt. But then a sense of sadness overwhelmed her as she parked and got out.

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    1. I like drunk Bette) But i don’t like the reason her drinking – she obviously still not get over Wendy.

      And Tina almost found out about diary – Bette was saved by the ring

      Thank you and waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya!…Thank you for reading!…Oh and Bette is definitely over Wendy if I haven’t made that clear….She is very much into Tina if I also haven’t made that clear….The reason for her drinking this time is the stress of the lawsuit and from seeing Wendy and having to hold back her anger for the sake of the lawsuit.

          • Totally see your point. And you are right.. But I just wanted to point out that Bette was drinking due to the situation she was in and not because she still has any lingering feelings for Wendy…

    2. Hi Pie,
      So happy to see a Post from you on this great story. I love how you write my favourite couple in this story, especially drunken Bette.

      I have had an horrendous 2018 but hope to have turned the corner to a super 2019. One thing that could ensure this would be regular posts from my favourite Pie to have with my Cuppa! Do you think this May be possible? Perhaps weekly!:-)

      Happy New Year Pie! You know I love you Cliff Hangers, short Posts and all! :-)


      • Hey my favorite SG! Happy New Year! I’m so sorry that you had a terrible 2018!..I hope and pray that 2019 will be much better for you!

        And I know I haven’t been posting regularly but my job keeps me so busy it’s hard to find the time to write but I am making an effort to do just what you ask.. Posting weekly (maybe more frequently than that ) so you can enjoy a read with your morning Cuppa!

        I also know you hate cliffhangers but I hope to not leave you hanging for long..And the short posts only mean I will be posting more often!.

        Love you SG! : )

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