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    The Diary—Chapter 4

    “Bette?….Bette?” Tina called out as she opened the door and shook Bette’s shoulder.

    “Mmmmph” Bette groaned lifting her head and lazily blinking trying to focus her eyes.

    “Come on..Lets get you inside” 

    “Wha—-Where—we at“ Bette slurred as Tina helped her out of the car and slung het arm over the back of her neck while placing the other around her waist to steady her gait.

    “Home” Tina replied and the two slowly walking into the apt building.

    Bette did temporarily manage to focus her eyes on familiar surroundings.

    “Ohhhhhhh….Home” Bette mumbled

    “Yes…You live in Tyler’s old apartment” Tina said with a hint of sadness.

    “ school…liked you” Bette slurred causing Tina to stop.

    “What?..How did you know that?” Tina asked puzzled..How would Bette even know that she thought.

    “Hmmm?” Bette groaned

    “Nevermind” Tina said shaking her head as they approached Bette’s apartment. Tina fumbled through Bette’s purse and found her keys, opened the door and walked Bette towards the bedroom.  

    After fumbling around for the light, Tina finally found it, turned it on and moved Bette toward the bed not seeing one of Bette’s shoes sticking out from underneath it. Tina tripped on it causing her to lose balance and Bette fell directly on the bed.  Tina caught herself on the bedside table and in the process knocked the Diary unnoticed onto the floor.

    “Well that went according to plan” Tina said sarcastically and checked herself for war wounds before turning her attention to Bette who was completely motionless other than the slight snore and her chest moving up and down.

    “Let’s get your shoes off” Tina muttered as she took off her shoes and sat them on the floor.  Tina took the blanket at the door of the bed and draped it over Bette.  “Kit said you would get sick but it looks like you will be ok” she says and leans down placing a kiss on Bette’s forehead. It took all she had not to kiss Bette on the lips but Tina had always dreamed that their first kiss would be something special and even though that would probably never happen she still felt that way and that in itself was sacred to her..

    “Sleep well” Tina whispered before turning to walk out and as she took a step, her foot touched something that made her look down and she saw the leather bound Diary

    “What the—…I used to have one just like this..So weird..It looks exactly like mine” She said bending down to pick it up but stopped when she felt her cellphone buzz in the pocket of her slacks. She quickly pulls it out to answer it..

    “Hello?” She whispers into the phone 



    “Why are you whispering?”

    “I don’t want to wake Bette” 

    “What?..You and Bette are in bed together!” 

    “No……..Helena is this you?”

    “Yes..I guess Bette told you?”

    “Yes…And she had one too many at the Planet so I took her here to her apt..I’m about to leave” Tina says turning off the light in the bedroom and walks toward the front door.

    “Well you and I need to talk..Wendy insists on staying up my bloody ass so the plan I had is going to be difficult..I was able to get away after telling her I had an emergency at Peabody’s”

    “Meet me at my law office…I’m on my way there now”

    “Ok” Helena replies 

    Tina ends the call and as she heads to her car, the familiar Diary she had seen was no longer at the forefront of her mind.


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    1. I like drunk Bette) But i don’t like the reason her drinking – she obviously still not get over Wendy.

      And Tina almost found out about diary – Bette was saved by the ring

      Thank you and waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya!…Thank you for reading!…Oh and Bette is definitely over Wendy if I haven’t made that clear….She is very much into Tina if I also haven’t made that clear….The reason for her drinking this time is the stress of the lawsuit and from seeing Wendy and having to hold back her anger for the sake of the lawsuit.

          • Totally see your point. And you are right.. But I just wanted to point out that Bette was drinking due to the situation she was in and not because she still has any lingering feelings for Wendy…

    2. Hi Pie,
      So happy to see a Post from you on this great story. I love how you write my favourite couple in this story, especially drunken Bette.

      I have had an horrendous 2018 but hope to have turned the corner to a super 2019. One thing that could ensure this would be regular posts from my favourite Pie to have with my Cuppa! Do you think this May be possible? Perhaps weekly!:-)

      Happy New Year Pie! You know I love you Cliff Hangers, short Posts and all! :-)


      • Hey my favorite SG! Happy New Year! I’m so sorry that you had a terrible 2018!..I hope and pray that 2019 will be much better for you!

        And I know I haven’t been posting regularly but my job keeps me so busy it’s hard to find the time to write but I am making an effort to do just what you ask.. Posting weekly (maybe more frequently than that ) so you can enjoy a read with your morning Cuppa!

        I also know you hate cliffhangers but I hope to not leave you hanging for long..And the short posts only mean I will be posting more often!.

        Love you SG! : )

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