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    The Diary—Chapter 5

    Chapter 5

    Tina sees Helena approaching the front door of her office and waves her in.

    “Thank you for meeting me Tina” Helena says entering through door looking frazzled

    “Come sit over here” Tina motions and the two take a seat on the sofa “Now tell me what is going on with Wendy and are you sure she bought that you and Bette don’t know each other?”

    Helena rubs her hands over her face in frustration “I’m pretty sure Bette and I could get Academy Awards for our performances today. She just showed up and being all lovey which is not her usual show of affection. I don’t know what in the hell I was thinking getting involved with her”

    Tina presses her fingers against the bridge of her nose. “Nevermind that but this isn’t good Helena.  With Wendy in town we have to be extra careful..And I can’t be seen with you and you sure as hell can’t be seen with Bette…So let’s think”

    Helena pursed her lips. Her brow furrowed “I am sure she came here to meddle in Bette’s affairs and she is obviously feeling the pressure of the lawsuit.   And I’m positive her lawyer doesn’t know she’s here.  I could drop a bug in his ear in a way that it doesn’t come back to me”

    “No Helena that’s too risky” Tina sighs and goes into thought for a moment before smacking her forehead with her hand “It’s obvious she’s trying to play the doting commited girlfriend. That’s her angle..”

    “So she’s fucking using me again?….Bloody hell I can’t let her do that” Helena scoffs

    “Look..Go home..Let me think about this…Keep Wendy thinking you know nothing about her philandering or the lawsuit ok. And especially the fact you know me or Bette for that matter”

    Helena nods “I will but I’m going to do my own thinking and run it by you before I go off doing anything that will bite my bloody ass or yours and Bette’s..Ok?”

    “Please do Helena.  Between you and Bette. Well especially Bette you both are going to drive me to drink”

    Helena raises an eyebrow “What has Bette done?”

    Tina shook her head “Nothing except when I found her at Kit’s bar she was drinking… and well drunk for the lack of a better word. She kept saying things like she knew what I wished for and I don’t know it was just weird. She kept looking at me like she knew something” Tina shrugs and sighs

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    1. You do not kill anyone who appears with a long awaited present
      Where have you been? Never mind you are here now.
      Middle of the night here in the UK I’ll get back to you when I’ve read it
      Welcome looking forward to a cuppa with my pie

    2. My goodness, it’s early morning Christmas Eve and I ended up starting with Chpt 1 on the re-read not knowing that it was 60 pages long! And have now completed this update.

      Amazing how you Authors can continue without skipping a beat! What’s more, your sense of humor remains.

      Bette stuttering & stammering bc she thought Tina had read the diary and just waiting to be chewed out for having done so. Only to have Tina inquiring about her little chat with Helena after Tina had tossed Bette into her bed to sleep it off was cute.

      Then to boot, Tina revealing to Bette that Tequila makes her very talkative. “Shit….what did I say?” Bette was now horrified not remembering half the shit she said….

      Anyway, hope to hear from ya sooner than later!

    3. Oh you snuck one in on me, thank you. This is one of my favorite and been waiting patently for your return,
      great chapter and I do love Tina’s teen entries in her Diary., so thank you Pie and looking forward to what’s next

      • Oh BnT!!!!!

        Nice to see you again!…Yeah I snuck in. lol. Thanks so much for coming and back and staying with me till I finish. I appreciate your support and comments as always!

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