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    The Diary—Chapter 6

    Chapter 6

    Tina leaned back in her chair thinking of the best way to go about handling the Wendy situation.  Of course it would be so easy to call Marshall and just drop it in his lap that his client was in L.A..After all Bette did see her here and Marshall probably wouldn’t make a connection between Bette and Helena to tip off Wendy she concluded.  Nonetheless she was determined to find another way.  A more permanent way to keep Wendy in New York until the case went to court.

    As she contemplated on the best course of action she was interrupted by a knock on her office door.  She immediately knew who it was

    “Come in Cynthia” Tina called out and turned to see Cynthia entering with a package.

    “Another delivery for you” she says shooting Tina a coy smile and setting the package down on Tina’s desk.

    Tina couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile as she stared at the package.  She held her eagerness in check until Cynthia left out of her office

    “Before I leave out for the day,I wanted to tell you I prepared and sent off the response to the Motion to Dismiss”

    Tina nodded “Thank you.  I can’t believe Marshall had the audacity to even think he could use lack of jurisdiction as his basis to have the lawsuit dismissed.  His little stunt to stall will just blow up in his face.  Judge William will deny the request without a second thought.  So now we just wait for the hearing”

    Cynthia nods “Well if you don’t need anything else I will be going.  Don’t forget your pre trial hearing for Ms Chavez at 9am”

    Tina’s face fell “Yeah that is such a sad case Cynthia.  I wish I could rip the balls off that bastard.  The years of abuse Ms. Chavez went through was almost like The Burning Bed level.  If only that could have been his ending” Tina pauses. “Horrible of me to say but you reap what you sow”

    “I think you need to open your package and get your mind on something a little more pleasant” Cynthia urges loving the fierceness of her boss but knew it was hard for Tina to remain neutral in her feelings.

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    1. No need to apologise for us to have to re read I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure the others did.
      Thanks for this post which takes the story along very nicely. Looking forward to the next.

      Stay safe and well

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah i agree – we just refresh our memory with read again past chapters of you story. So, interesting – now Tina know that Bette her secret admirer. But she figured that only because Bette read her diary and she brunette?

    3. Omg… your making my heart pound too. lol
      This is so sweet and intense. they are damn cute and both may Spontaneous combust. loving it! and a second one so quick.. Well I got to go another one maybe come any minute. fingers crossed.

    4. Don’t apologize! I loved to refresh my memory and read this wonderful story again!

      Tina is a smart lady, already figured out that Bette is her secret admire. And Bette deserve the Oscar for her performance!

      I hope you had a good Christmas Day!

      Look forward to the next chapter!

    5. Okay, I took the time to go back and reread this entire story…. what a concept for a story! It really is unique and rather entertaining.

      So now Tina has her secret – she knows who her secret admirer is and she knows Bette has the diary. Now its just a matter of getting this case against Wendy to the finish line so they can start a relationship in real life and not just in their imagination. Right now they are in love with the idea of each other – they really do not know each other very well at all. They know that they they are both attractive to each other. And they may even know their professional demeanor. But they have a long way to go to actually know each other – how they think, what motivates them, how they process information, their goals, their likes and dislikes, what they are like when things don’t go as planned, disappointments, anger, frustration etc. They are both showing signs of wanting to protect the other… They are close to opening a door to a truly phenomenal adventure. My hopes are that they are far more interesting people in experience than they are in their imaginations….That will make for a life time relationship…

      Thanks for the update… Please keep posting…I want to see where this goes…

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