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    The Diary—Chapter 7

    Tina had just arrived back home after having confirmed her discovery. Bette was her secret admirer.  She knew it from the way the secret admirer spoke to her through the notes left, the meanings behind the gifts and upon realizing Bette had her diary.

    After showing her the compact and gauging her body language and the way she responded to her questions gave her even more confirmation. And Tina was elated.  It wasn’t if she expected them to just jump into a relationship once this whole thing with Wendy was over but she hoped that Bette would want the same thing.

    She smiled thinking of all the stupid silly obsessed things she wrote about Bette in that diary over her entire time in high school. And then she smacked her forehead thinking about the entry she wrote about New Years Eve freshman year.

    “Oh God..Now she is going to know it was me” she says finding herself smiling thinking about it and sits down in her recliner kicking off her shoes.  She leans back rocking gently back and forth in thought and sighs not aware that across town Bette was curled up in her bed reading that exact entry


    After her bath Bette had gotten in bed and adjusted her pillow to lean against it.  She yawned lightly but wanted to continue reading Tina’s entries.  At least one more she thought.

    She couldn’t get over how Tina trusted her enough to show her the compact at the bar and was relieved she didn’t give herself away.  She didn’t want anything to ruin the reveal she had planned and hoped Tina would not reject her once she found out she was her secret admirer and the fact she had her diary.  She picked up the diary beside her  and turned to the next entry

    January 01, 1992

    Dear Diary,

    Well Happy New Year Diary!..Although this is my official New Year’s Eve entry since I spent about the last 30 minutes of the year at the masquerade party that Julie Henderson invited our whole home room class to at her parents country club.  She gave out formal invitations.  Bette isn’t in my home room but they are together so I knew I would see her there.  So you know I had to go.  It was convenient as I could hide my face even though I can officially say the new zit cream I am using seems to be working…Nevermind that…But diary wait until you hear this.  Or in this case once I inscribe it into your fibers.. It’s a doozy.

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      • Happy New Year to my favorite SassyGran! I know you hate cliffhangers but it was just a mini one!

        I wish you nothing but Health and Happiness in this new year and hope your cuppas remain enjoyable as you read all the great stories on here!

        Love ya!

    1. The New Years kiss was really a romantic gesture. I think it makes things even more special now than if Bette knew back when it happened. Bette is ready to pay attention. Tina is ready to have the big reveal. Its funny that Bette is pursuing Tina in a secret and now that Tina knows that all her secrets have been or will be revealed, and yet they are both okay with it. Romance at its finest. If they must keep an arms length from each other, this is as good a scenario as it gets. But with the heat building, and the case is settled, then their are going to be some really sweet moments. They are both ready for this relationship – this is going to be good.

      Thanks for your chapter….. love it.

    2. WhooHoo zesty Pie,
      What a sweetly romantic dish to end this dreadful year. I’m about 30min away from the New Year in the central time zone in the U.S.

      Bunches of love to you and all the ladies that follow your heart-felt stories.

      A New Year of favor, love of every sort, health and peace in your souls!!

    3. Great diary entry, very sweet. cant wait for them to both come clean but the getting there is very much entertaining. Thank you even though it was short. lol.
      Happy new Years! can’t wait to see Bette’s plan.

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