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    The Diary—Chapter 8

    The next morning before heading back to the Peabody Corporation to finish the audit, Bette stopped by her office to print out the document from her flash drive she remembered having and it would definitely leave Wendy grabbing for a life preserver once this information was presented to them.  She was sure Wendy did not remember anything about it and until last night’s epiphany Bette hadn’t either.

    She smiled as she looked it over “You beautiful, beautiful piece of gold. Thank God I had enough sense before I let Wendy fuck it literally all out of me.  Fucking cunt” she mumbled and set the document face down in the feeder of the fax machine.  She reached into her purse and pulled out Tina’s business card punching the numbers in and hit send watching the paper feed through the machine as the fax answered. She grabbed the paper and placed it inside her briefcase and made her way out of her office to her car.


    Later that morning.  Cynthia had gotten around to checking the fax machine after preparing legal documents and correspondings and saw a fax waiting.  She grabbed it flipping it over and began reading it She gasped as she realized what she held in her hand

    “I’ll be damned.  Tina is going to die to when she sees this”. she says so enthralled in reading the fax she didn’t hear Tina enter the office and was standing behind her

    “I hope not.  I mean not now at least.  I haven’t even made my bucket list yet” Tina jokes

    Cynthia jumped and turned around to see Tina smiling at her “Jesus.  I didn’t even hear you come in”

    “I said hey but I don’t think you even heard me.  Well it’s obvious you didn’t hear me.  So what am I going to die over?” She asks inquisitively

    Cynthia motions Tina to go in her office. “I think you may want to go in your office and sit”

    Tina gives Cynthia a worried look “I’m not going to like this am I.  Oh God..I mean after Ms Chavez’s pre trial hearing I can’t deal with more bad news”. She says taking hesitant steps to her office with Cynthia falling in behind her.

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    1. This chapter is perfect…. the best evidence is written evidence signed by both parties. It is almost indisputable…. Bette putting her business relationship in writing before working solely for Wendy was pure genius and what a smart business woman does. Perfect timing too for dear Helena. Wendy is now headed back to New York and Helena can drop the act of being in love with Wendy. I just wonder what Helena is up too.

      The high school reunion for Bette and Tina – a non-date date. How perfect. Maybe Marshall will have a settlement proposal before the reunion…. that way the date could be a date date. With fax machines and courier services – with the right price, things could be settled before the sun goes down. Of course Wendy is the key….. Bette just wants out. Tina wants her to pay big….. somewhere in between the three will be where they end up. And with this contract, everything is weighted in Bette’s favor.

      Really a sweet story…. and it is best that Tina and Bette not come to a point of having an relationship until now. I think the separation of college and law school would have been torture for both of them . The maturity level is much more conducive to having a successful relationship for many years to come.

      Thanks for the chapter….. loving this story..

      • Just catching up and like the premise of this story. The diary is very clever. Also love the reunion non date idea. Always enjoy a good Bette and Tina so much in love drip drip story. And of course want Wendy to get hers. Seems like Bette has the document to accomplish just that. And Helena plans to exact her own revenge. Awaiting them dancing at the reunion. Will Julie be there? Me thinks she will. Good story.

    2. Great, First post of a new , and hopefully, happy new year

      Loving this story and so happy to be back enjoying your familiar and unique style of writing.
      Can’t wait for Wendy to get her comeuppance and am looking forward to the reunion.

      So, thanks for posting, happy and healthy new year, stay safe and Post soon please

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      So, Bette and Wendy had some sort of contract? And What Helena’s plan?

      And of course waiting to see how their school reunion would go with Bette and Tina attending it together.

    4. Hey Pie!

      I totally love this story!

      So glad that Bette remembered that she had that contract written before she was mindfucked by Wendy. I only think Wendy will do and try everything to not lose any money to Bette, but Bette has Tina, so at the end she will be one big fat loser. I am a little worried about Helena’s plan to bring Wendy down, i really hope it doesn’t interfere with Bette’s case against Weny.

      Tina’s dream comes out, she is going with Bette to the school reunion, ok as friends but what the heck it is a start!

      Thanks for the update!

    5. Love this story and have no Doubt that Tina will take care of Wendy and Helena will get her revenge also. Most of all Tina will get her girl. So excited for Tina and the reunion.. it will be her dream come true…biggest question will she get her first real kiss from the one person she has protected and loved her whole life. Thank you.

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