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    The Diary—Chapter 9

    Chapter 9

    “So give it to me straight Marshall.  What are my options here?” Wendy asked fidgeting uncomfortably in the seat across from Marshall’s desk.  The realization coming down on her that she would not be able to get out of this without giving Bette something.

    Marshall leaned back in his seat and clasped his head behind his head “No judge is going to dismiss this contract.  And the suit claims she has made you quite a bit of money from investing your earnings and has the financial statements to prove it.  The suit also claims she helped secure funding for your current warehouse.  All these services she is asking for fair compensation which she believes five million is fair”

    Wendy shakes her head “This is fucking ridiculous.  I gave her everything.  She never wanted for anything”

    Marshall sighs “Wendy she quit her job and gave up her independence to be with you.  You two had a domestic partnership for 10 years and you even registered it with the state which her lawyer has submitted paperwork to terminate.  Tina Kennard is going to eat us alive if we go to court with this.  Now we still have the motion to dismiss and the hearing has been set for next Wednesday but the judge will most likely dismiss the motion”

    “So you are saying I should settle?..Is there anything else that can be done”

    “I suggest we schedule a mediation and have them meet us here after the motion to dismiss hearing.  We put everything out in the table and counter their figure”

    Wendy sighs and sits back in her chair.  “I’m fucked aren’t I?”

    Marshall nods “Pretty much.  Had this contract not been submitted we could have fought this out.  But there really is no way in getting around this so the least you will be out is what was owed in this contract.  We can negotiate the rest”

    Wendy leaned back in her chair tilting her head to look up at the ceiling.  She closed her eyes with her mind thinking how Bette stood by her side for ten years never asking for anything from her other than her love which she never gave her in return like she wanted.  She made her an extremely rich woman by investing her earnings from her fashion line and never asked for anything in return.  She did it out of love and devotion.  Wendy knew Bette had always been faithful to her.  Somewhere along the way Wendy fell out of love with her but kept her around for her own selfish gain.  Bette at least deserved something out of all this so this was her chance to do something for Bette.  She sighs as she looks at Marshall

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    1. Thank you for this beautiful chapter!

      But it’s not the end, right? We need to know how was their first date, what Bette intended to do with money and much more)

      So, waiting for the next!

    2. Perfect way to end a professional relationship and start a personal one. I think they really are into the each other. The real each other, not the fantasized image of the each other. Perfect start for a relationship for these two…
      I do not think it will be long before they will be in a committed bonded relationship…..

      I do like this Bette and this Tina…. I like they stayed true to their intent to stay an at arms length until the case was finished. I like that they became friends and were both sincere and honest people. Yes, they had their secrets, but when the time was right, they revealed them to the other…. nice, romantic….

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • Thanks so much Martha. Indeed they had their secrets. I chose the reunion for them to start anew with everything out in the open and no obstacles in their way.

        Appreciate the comment!


    3. An endearing chapter Pie. Chuckled on the part when Marshall called Tina to say that Wendy had accepted Bette’s offer and she dropped the phone at the news. Our tiger Tina was just gunning for a fight and didn’t get one. The realization that the business part of her relationship with Bette was actually drawing to a swift conclusion must have also be the reason for the dropped phone.

      For sure, Bette was shocked beyond measure. Struck dumb she was.

      So! Now they’re having their “non-date” date! Sealed with a kiss. Rubbing my hands together anticipating the next chapter for sure!!

      • DumplinT….For sure Tina was itching for a fight. But I did want to give Wendy a chance to do the right thing and she came through. But she still has Helena to deal with and that will be her comeuppance!

        Bette and Tina however will make a splash at the reunion

        Thanks for the comment Dumplin!


      • Thank you so much Sharon for the lovely comment!..So glad you enjoyed the chapter. More to come with Bette and Tina and their newly established phase of their relationship!

        Appreciate the love!


    4. Hi Pie,

      Incredible sweet chapter!

      I can’t believe Wendy gave in without a longer fight, i am so happy for Bette that she can close that chapter of her life and opened a new one with Tina!

      Loved the Selena song, very fitting to this story.

      I look forward to the rest of this story!

      • Thanks so much Bibi28, Indeed Selena’s song is fitting!

        I know it’s taking me a long time to even get to this point with this story but thank you all for being patient. Life happens and things get in the way but so glad you are back for the ride.

        Appreciate you!


    5. Great chapter glad to see Wendy come to her senses. But Helena needs told so she can do her thing.. and get the hell out of Dodge
      Thank you it was sweet and I want to hear more of the diary too..loli take it the reunion picture of them together will be put in the frame
      I’m kind of hoping the time alone that Tina is talking about is not so sweet

      • BnT!!

        Yes ma’am Helena will indeed do her thing!…And don’t you worry..Things will definitely heat up with our girls now in a not so sweet way ; )

        And speaking of the diary entries I am thinking of devoting an entire chapter on the entries alone..I would love to know your thoughts as well as everyone else’s on me doing that

        Appreciate you BnT!! Much Love


        • Oh yeah that would be great. Bette has learnt so many of Tina’s secret thoughts of her.

          Bette skipped around especially at the end. So she didn’t get the date right the first time knowing now Tina was indeed at the party just wrote about it on a later date. So many other entries was skipped. 4 years a long time…like what no gym shower sneak peeks.

          All so interesting… Maybe read some of it out loud together one cozy evening over wine and love making. This way maybe Tina could give more deeper thoughts about her times pining over Teen Bette. Lol

          Either way, love anything your write.

      • Thank you trecelovinit!!

        I appreciate you coming back and following this story. I know I left hanging on the shelf for so long but I’m moving toward an ending. Still more story to tell though. Will post more of the reunion soon.

        Thanks so much!


    6. Great story, very original centred around the Diary!
      Sounds like you’ve ‘stopped’ at their beginning, can’t wait to continue reading their continuing journey together, write soon
      Stay safe

      • Janice24

        Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate so much that you are enjoying the story. And indeed I did stop at their beginning and I hope you enjoy how their relationship evolves for the remainder of the story now that there are no more obstacles in the way

        You stay safe as well and much love!


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