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    The Diary—Chapter 1

    Chapter 1

    ”Is that everything?” Bette asked her sister Kit as they walked back to the rental truck to make one last check.

    ”I think so Baby Sis……..Girl? You are going to pay my chiropractor bills for making me lift all that shit.. I told you to get some muscle to help you move into this apartment” Kit warned as she pressed her hands to her back wincing in pain.

    Bette rolled her eyes

    ”Kit?…Please?….The heaviest thing we moved out of this truck was my antique lamp. I can’t help it that you decided to lift the damn thing yourself. You didn’t wait for me to come help you. Besides, since my split with Wendy, I have to get back into the working world which starts for me with you on Monday. I couldn’t afford movers” Bette explained as she closed the rolling door to the back of the truck.

    ”Mmmmhmmmm. Well when you give up your entire life to live with a multi-millionaire fashion designer I guess you don’t have to work. But if that bitch ever shows her face around here my fist is going to enjoy imprinting my knuckles all up in that” Kit said seriously earning a chuckle from Bette.

    ”Well?..I highly doubt she leaves New York and shows her face here. She made it perfectly clear she was done with me when I found her with the maid between her legs…….But whatever Kit. I’m glad I am home. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I have been in L.A…And now that I am 33, I have to start my life over..Thanks for giving me a job at the Planet temporarily until I can find something. I’ve got my resume in several places so I’m keeping my fingers crossed” Bette said as she gave Kit a hug.

    ”Well I’m glad you are here. I have missed you. You call me if you need anything… And I still say since you lived with that bitch for ten years, practically married, and devoted everything to her you need to get you a lawyer and bleed that cheatin’ ass dry” Kit challenged as she waived at Bette and got in her car.

    ”I know. I’ll think about it..Thanks Kit. Love you” Bette called out as Kit started the car

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      • Yes I’m back!…As for the other stories I’m just taking one at a time and not sure if I want to continue some of them..Nonetheless I will see this one through till the end!..Thanks

    1. What a great surprise to wake up to my favourite Pie. reading this again with a nice Cuppa Tea and look forward to more.
      I hope you are well and healthy my friend,
      Welcome back

    2. Be very welcome my friend !
      After all this time, I can not believe we can kill all the homesickness of you by reading your stories.
      It is a joy to know that from today we will be able to count on your presence on the site. I will be attentive to your news so that I can express with sincere words the great affection I feel for you!
      I hope you stay here for a long time, and that you’re as happy as I am to have you back
      All universe Pie!
      Bear hug !
      Note: There are 60 pages of a complete time travel.
      Now the cards are on the table, helena is now going to find out who really is her girlfriend, and with that become ally Bette and Tina.
      And I’m anxious for Bette to introduce herself to Tina soon. I am
      waiting for this for some time now … lol
      My English is still horrible Pie

    3. Yeah, i also waiting when Bette open herself to Tina and tell her all, but i can see that Bette might have a problem to convince Tina that she falling in love with her not only for the words in diary.

    4. Hi Pie,

      Had a great day,picking up your story at every available minute.
      I absolutely love this story, well I love all of yours as you know, and I am now desperate for your next post please.
      The world is a nicer place with you back posting

      • My favorite SassyGran!!…I have missed you my friend..I am well and happy and healthy..I hope this finds you the same..I hope I can give you many more reasons to enjoy your Cuppa Tea..

    5. Ok it’s the first time I have read this story love it..I love the diary mostly because it honest feelings…some times writing some one is easier to be yourself tell your true feeling…thank you and I think Helena will help them out…she is very likable so far..looking for the next chapter.

    6. Pie-this story is a nail biter for me. I wonder what will happen and when Bette and Tina will finally hook up. PLEEEZE don’t keep us hanging on! You are a clever writer,

    7. Absolutely loooove the narrative of this story!!! And have been thilled with so many of the Authors who posted commnts,
      Been trying to find another sweet story that I read, It as to do with Kit who is raising a son, think his name is Andrew,
      Anyway, Bette absolutely ADORES the boy and is as much a mom to him as Kit! Tina enters the story as a compassionate, no-nonsense teacher who totally knocks Bette from her “I can intimidate anyone” perch and reduces her a babbling mess!!

      Essentially, Tina is very spiritual person who can read Bette like a book.

      Does this feeble description sound familiar to anyone????

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