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    The Dinner Date

    Bette and Tina walked arm in arm towards the restaurant they were meeting Shane and Alice in, Tina had noticed the closer they got the more looks they got. Some were disbelieve that Bette Porter was taken and others were just admiring the couple. Bette was dressed in a lovely blue and black power suit with a fitted shirt on tucked into her pants, Tina had gone for a black dress which looked like it had been melted to her body, both of them were wearing heels. Tina felt safe in Bette’s arms. They had both had a long week and now they were ready to relax. They walked into the restaurant and saw Shane and Alice sat at a table at the far end. they went and joined them sitting beside each other.

    “Hey,” Alice smiled as she took her glasses off.

    “Hi, how are you Al?” Bette asked as she passed Tina a menu.

    “I’m good, just glad this fucking week is over. TV production sucks ass.”

    Tina smiled

    “I know I’ve been working in it for ten years.”

    “Yeah but you work for a studio that cares,”

    “We only care because we are so small,” Tina smiled.

    Shane picked up her glass of wine.

    “How was your week Bette?”

    “Good the gallery is starting to take shape. The space doesn’t just look like a massive empty space anymore. The first pieces are starting to arrive. Thankfully I have James,”

    “The hot one with the facial hair?” Alice asked.

    “I thought you were gay?” Tina asked

    “I’m Bi,”

    “Yeah she fucks anything,” Shane laughed

    “I will fuck a person who is over 18 Shane I have standards,”

    “We’re just not sure what those standards are yet.” Shane fired back

    Tina found herself laughing. Bette loved the sound of her laughter, it was magic to her.

    “You’re an ass,” Alice said,

    Bette looked at Tina who was looking at the menu again

    “See anything you like?” Bette asked,

    “This chicken dish looks nice,” Tina pointed it out to Bette, who smiled

    “Sounds good, I was going to have a beef dish,”

    “You two are too cute,” Shane said, sitting back,

    “What do you mean?” Tina said looking up at her.

    “I’ve never seen Bette like this, I mean I’ve seen her with women. But I’ve never seen her this relaxed or in love. you’ve waved some magic wand there Tina.”

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