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    The Drunk

    Tina pulled her car in the drive behind Bette’s and turned off the engine, she’d had enough. She’d had the day from hell and she was emotional because of it. She just sat for a couple of moments taking in a lot of deep breaths. Today was one of those days she hated, every show she had been behind in the last two years had been cancelled and she felt like a complete failure. She really hated her job at the moment to the point she’d been applying for other jobs. She closed her eyes. she knew she had to go inside, having an evening with Bette. She really hated bring her work home. she wanted out now. she picked up her briefcase and purse from her passenger seat and got out of the car. she slowly walked into the house, closing the front door softly. she could hear people around the pool. She took a deep breath she hadn’t expected visitor but she knew how important friendship was to Bette.

    She decided she wasn’t ready to go outside yet, and walked into the bedroom. she slowly stripped out of her work clothes and put on a pair of jeans and a tank top as it was still warm. She sat on the end of the bed and ran her fingers through her hair. she had her head down when she heard the bedroom door open and close. She didn’t look up. she knew that the only other person allowed in this room was Bette. Bette sat beside her.

    “Hey,” Bette’s voice was calm.

    “Hi,” Tina said weakly, today had taken it out of her.

    “What’s the matter?” Bette wrapped her arm around her wife and pulled her towards her. feeling Tina put her head onto her shoulder.

    “Bad day, every show with my name on was cancelled today.”

    “You’re joking?” Bette was shocked, she didn’t understand the entertainment business.

    “No, I think they are trying to Ice me,”

    “I’m glad you’ve been applying for other jobs,”

    “Me too, I can’t keep doing this B, it’s starting to affect me outside work. I shouldn’t feel this way.”

    “Well you have some mail, one is from the University of California. Did you apply for a professor job there?”

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