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    The Ex Factor

    After dinner, the Kennard Porter family exits The Planet and slowly makes the short trek to their cars. Just as the kids are loading into the backseat of Bette’s car, Dana walks over.

    Dana: Hey, just who I was hoping to see.

    Tina:(smiles) Hey Dane.

    Dana: I’ve been calling you guys.

    Bette turns and looks at Dana after securing Josh into his car seat.

    Bette: Oh, sorry. I think I had my ringer off.

    Dana turns and looks at Tina.

    Dana: And what’s your excuse?

    Bette lifts her brows.

    Bette: Uh, why are you interrogating my wife right now, Dane?

    Tina: Yeah, what’s going on?

    Dana sheepishly smiles as she slides her hands into her pockets.

    Dana: I’ve got a favor to ask…. I want you to meet this girl I’ve sort of been dating.

    Tina:(smiles) Aww… we would love to.

    Dana’s smile grows.

    Dana: Great. I figured you guys are a nice introduction. No chance for fireworks or anything like that, just a nice, boring dinner, Ya know? No offense.

    Bette tilts her head to the side and gently smiles.

    Bette: All taken…

    Tina chuckles and gently nudges her wife.

    Tina: Baby…. it’s fine, Dane….so what’s her name?

    Dana hesitates for a beat.

    Dana: Prada…

    Bette and Tina both stare blankly.

    Tina: That like a nickname or? ….

    Dana: No, she’s like an heiress…

    Tina: Of…. Prada?

    Dana: Nope, her mom is obsessed with the brand. She has everything they ever made.

    A short beat passes before Tina responds.

    Tina: I’m pretty sure that’s some sort of product name infringement….

    Dana raises her brows.

    Dana: Can we move on from her name.

    Bette:(laughs) Has Prada moved on from her name?

    Tina giggles and Dana looks back and forth at the amused couple.

    Dana: Go ahead and get all the giggling out of your system before dinner. Thursday, seven o’clock at Mario’s? My treat.

    Tina smiles and lifts her brows.

    Tina: Wow, there’s like a month-long waiting list to get into that place, Dane.

    Dana shrugs and smirks.

    Dana: What can I say? I know people.

    Tina: Well….so do I, and my assistant had to pretty much guarantee someone a walk-on roll on a TV show to get me into the place for a working lunch.

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    1. This is one of my favorite all time stories. I am so happy to see you posted an update. I love your blend of humor and drama. So Michelle is still hot for Bette and no wonder as Zoe is awful. I love Tina’s interaction with Michelle. One of these days Bette may not be able to get her to back down. And Dani is back? What a bitch. Ex Factor is right. What is she up to? When will these women learn? So we have Helena’s art show to look forward to and it looks like Michelle has dropped the custody issue. She would lose big time. Mickey needs his siblings. Bette and Tina are such good parents. So connected. So in love. So hot for each other. They can’t keep their hands off one another. They sizzle big time. And I have said it before but I adore Bette as a mom. She is just the best. I smile and smile. You write the whole family dynamic so well. No matter what happens I know Bette and Tina are beyond solid. And what’s Dana gotten herself into now? Last but not least love Kit and her pearls of wisdom. Keep baby girl in line. Great story!!!!

      Oh. Peggy and Clint Eastwood? I laughed out loud. And Jenny is STILL a lunatic. So much fun.

    2. This really is a delightfully wonderful story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Writing humor is difficult, I think, and you pull it off really well. Not only do you include many inside jokes to show the reader the depth of the connection between Tina and Bette but you do in such a way that the reader always feels in on the joke. That takes skill and you have a ton of it. Coffee with a side of breasts? I’m dead. Bette asking Prada what her sister’s name is? Love it. Love it even more when she follows up with “interesting”…. and the reader AND Tina are in on the joke. It’s skillfully done.
      Agree with Billy on the great, gentle nudging by Kit to her baby sister to pay attention, listen up and don’t repeat the problems of the past. Bette listens to her and a lovely evening of apologies follows. So nice! A healthy and adult couple!
      52 pages flew by and I was able to spend a nice evening on my porch with a large glass of iced tea and this story. Please keep writing… this site needs you. TiBetters need you. Now more than ever!

    3. OMG….so many things I want to say about this chapter and THIS STORY! BEG you are such a wonderful writer, especially Bette and Tina!!! All the little details and as someone mentioned the cute inside jokes…just so good THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this great update.

      First Kit and that gem of wisdom she shared with Bette, YOUR WIFE IS TELLING YOU THIS FOR A REASON… listen to her and don’t make the SAME MISTAKE you did from your first marriage!!!

      And what a fabulous wake up/make up call that Bette made to SHOW TINA THAT SHE WAS HER ONE AND ONLY, Sexy Times X10 the dinner and dessert (in every sense of the word) was SAVORED! Especially after the crazy work day that Tina had, crazy azz Jenny at the studio gate and Peggy Peabody wanting OLD azz Clint Eastwood in an Action Movie SMH Hahahaha

      Michelle, Michelle, MICHELLE got bolder and BOLDER! Crossing so many boundaries in their marriage OMG! Tina deserved to slap the shyt out of her and then some with that delusional BS that she was spewing and the nerves of this chick to show up at her HOME to seduce her wife she should have got THEM HANDS and all that Smoke for Sho! The level of DISRESPECT by this chick still got me pissed…GIVE ME THAT PASSCARD!!!!

      So glad Bette FINALLY put her in check and told her some HARD TRUTHS, hopefully she will let is sink into her heartbroken mind and QUIT with the fantasy of getting back with Bette! Tina got this on LOCK, every part of me belongs to Tina we are Soul Mates Bette tells her. OUR CONNECTION is that strong, I feel nothing when I look at you….Gurl you just Mickey’s Mama and nothing else to me.

      Dana and Prada a HOT mess waiting to happen. Lord here comes Dani doing a double take at Tina….Geez! Move ON Girlie!!!

      You got some good storylines coming up, the new (HIT) Club opening and Helena Art Gallery Show and hopefully the Porter Family Reunion is still in there too. Love your updates to this story.

    4. Jubilee Bank Holiday here in the UK. I treated myself and went back to the beginning and have read the whole story, so far, from the start. Needless to say I loved it!!

      Thanks for the latest post and for all your other posts. So looking forward to more in the future.

    5. So happy that you are back, it made my day! I fully agree with the other comments!!! You have a truly amazing talent to mix humor with drama. I have reread this story and your other stories multiple times and i always have to laugh loud out at the humor, both my wife as dog think i have lost my mind when i do that!

    6. happy to see one of my fav stories is updated… I love the interaction between Tina and Bette in this story.. They are really content, and sure with each other love.. With enough mild drama (don’t make it hard with any separation.. My heart won’t be able to take it.. Lol)
      Thank you for not forgetting your stories.. :)

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