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    The Fantasy of Bette’s

    Bette sat alone in the garden, she was deep in thought. could she really explain to Tina what she wanted to do to her. Bette rubbed her chin. She was watching the water rippling softly in the wind.  She wasn’t sure she could let wasn’t that didn’t trust Tina because she did, with everything she was. she was just scared of losing her. She had never felt love like she had for Tina. Seeing her drunk the night before had shown Bette that Tina had noticed they hadn’t talked about her fantasy.

    Tina had been watched wife for a little while, nursing a coffee. She knew that Bette was struggling with something internally. She wanted to help her. love her, show her that life was okay. Tina put her mug down onto the kitchen side and walked out into the garden, walking up behind Bette, she slipped her around her neck and very gently rested her head on her shoulder. She knew everything between them was okay when Bette reached up and gently rubbed her arm.

    “How long have you been awake?” Bette asked.

    “About an hour, I’ve had a shower and some coffee. I’m sorry about last night?”

    “Which bit?” Bette asked, her fingers absently moving along her wife’s arm. Just enjoying the feeling of her skin under fingers.

    “getting completely drunk and asking you questions that I know you’re not ready to answer. also trying to push you.”

    “You remember stuff when you’re drunk,”

    “Yeah, I’m strange like that.” Tina kissed Bette’s ear. “When you are ready to talk you can talk to me, you’re safe. Our love and commitment is safe. You’re my world.”

    Bette took a deep breath.

    “Please come sit with me,”

    “Before I do, I’m just going to get some juice, I’m dry from last night. Would you like anything,”

    “I’m good,” Bette lifted her barely touched mug of coffee from beside her. “And trust me you weren’t dry and neither were our sheet.”

    “Bette Porter, please. I’m an innocent woman you know.” Tina kissed her again before going inside to get a large glass of juice with ice in it. she came back and sat next to Bette.

    They sat in silence for a while, both just enjoying time together. Tina was lightly leaning against her lover. Bette reached out and put her hand onto Tina’s naked leg, as her wife was wearing shorts.

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