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    The Feelings

    Tina lay on the bed in the condo, she had texted Bette at work telling her to come to the condo, she’d been horny all day and it had lead to her now laying completely naked in the middle of the massive bed they rarely used in the condo. She was slowly pinching and rubbing her overly sensitive nipples. They were hard. she ran her hand over her still flat stomach, running her fingers through her wet centre. The tips of her fingers finding her clit. she slowly moved her fingers over it, pressing harder. she needed Bette. she wanted to be tied down. she closed her eyes thinking about being tied down, Bette above her.

    She moaned as her mind drifted off too Bette giving her what she needed.

    Bette opened the door of the condo and smiled when she heard Tina moaning. She dropped her bag, onto the chair beside the door, she closed the door and slowly walked up the metal steps to the bedroom.

    Bette smiled a wicked smile when she reached the top of the stairs and saw her wife,

    “What do you think you are doing?” Bette asked,

    Tina’s eyes flew open. she’d been completely lost in the pleasure she had been giving herself

    “I’m horny,” Tina replied.

    “Stop now.” Bette used her mistress voice which made Tina stop right away.

    Tina’s arms dropped to her side and Bette looked at her, taking in the hot flush that cover her wife’s neck and shoulders. She could see how turned on she was. she walked around the bed and pulled out the leather straps that were tied around the bed posts. She took one of Tina’s wrists and stapped it to the leather. She moved around the bed and did the same to her other wrist, watching Tina relaxed. Tina’s breathing was even and Bette knew she was giving her what she wanted. Tina watched as Bette removed her clothes.

    Bette slid onto the be at the bottle and spread Tina’s legs, Pushing Tina’s legs up and her feet flat onto the bed. Bette moved forward and took a long lick of Tina’s wet pussy.

    “B…” Tina moaned.

    Bette pulled away. grinning.

    “You taste amazing,” Bette moved forward and kissed Tina’s clit before locking her lips around it, watching as Tina’s hips lifted off bed. Bette gripped her hip and pulled her too. Her teeth grazing Tina’s clit. making her moan loaded.

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