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    The Final Chapter

    Bette sat back, a glass of wine in her house, she slowly crossed her legs. She very slowly lifted the glass up to her lips and smiled wickedly. Her eyes drawn to Tina, who was stood in the middle of the large open plan living room. Tina was naked, tied up in new purple rope that Bette had taken her time looping the rope around Tina’s perfect body. binding her hands behind her, her breasts looking perfect as the ropes moved around her breasts Bette had made sure it was perfect. she was now taking in her handy work.

    Bette took a sip of her wine, before putting her glass to one side. it had been a couple of months since they had to come out to the  Condo, as life had taken over them. Bette rubbed her hands together.

    “You know, Pet. You are the sexiest woman I’ve ever meet.” Bette’s voice was smooth and Tina melted.

    “I’m not so sure about that,” Tina said, she shifted her weight. she had been stood for a little while now and because the way she was tied she was starting to go a little numb.

    “Why do you question that?” Bette said as she got up and admired her wife a little more. She walked over and ran her fingers along Tina’s harden nipples.

    “I’ve seen the women you’ve had before me and the women in the clubs and in the Planet.”

    “You don’t have to ever compare yourself to those women because you’re..” Bette put her lips close to Tina’s ear as she ran her hand along Tina’s stomach which was covered in rope but Bette felt Tina’s muscles flex. “Fucking sexier than them all. You mine.” Bette licked her neck as her hand slipped between Tina’s legs and rubbed her clit.

    Tina’s head fell back. Bette could tell that Tina’s legs were going to give in.

    Bette moved her and made Tina kneel on the sofa her head resting against the back of the sofa, her ass in the air. Bette gently walked around the sofa and moved Tina’ hair out of her face, she loved seeing the blush of arousal of her woman. she slowly walked around as she knew that Tina enjoyed hearing the click of her heels on the wooden floor. She walked around slapped Tina’s ass listening as Tina moaned.

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    1. The end?! 😢

      It was a beautiful story, where both Bette and Tina found what they needed and loved.

      A healthy relationship, respect, love and so much trust in each other so that they could enjoy the life style they have.

      Sad to see it end. I hope you will continue to write new stories with my favorite couple and update the ones you already started.

      Thank you!!!

    2. I wasn’t really into this storyline in the beginning, but something about it made me stick with it. I truly enjoyed it and I love your writing. Would you ever consider posting or reposting the entire story Your Arms Feel Like Home?

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