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    The Finale

    More than a few miles from the gang’s vacation villa, lies one of the most luxurious and prominent rental properties in St. Thomas.  Many illustrious people have travel far and wide to be a part of the exclusivity that this festive neighborhood has to offer. The tightly secured, gated community is perfectly refined and is more than up to snuff to satisfy the upscale tastes of their high class and VIP caliber guests. From the outside looking in, no one would ever imagine the type of debauchery, and let’s be honest, entertaining parties that this neighborhood has hosted. Last night was no different.

    It’s around seven in the morning, and the sun is shining brightly above one particular rental mansion. Birds are chirping, the sights and sounds of the ocean is just as beautiful and soothing as it always is. The exterior of the mansion is pristine. The interior, however, is a totally different story.

    There are empty alcohol bottles, articles of clothing and trash leading from the door all the way to the room where the gang is currently sprawled out from one corner to the other. The only sound is the screeching of a rickety ceiling fan with a pink bra twirling around and around on one of its blades. The peaceful setting is quite different from the wild and damn near irresponsible shit that took place just a few short hours ago. A cell phone playing the chorus of Sir Mix A lot’s “Baby got Back” repeats itself about three times before the room goes silent again. A few moments later, Bette’s eyes pops open. She stares up at the wild ceiling fan and watches the bra for a few moments before she looks away. She looks left and then right and groans a little when she sees how trashed the room is. The corner where she slept the past few hours didn’t do many favors for her neck that’s now so stiff she can barely move it.  She grimaces and squeezes her sore neck as she looks down at her shirt that has been ripped open, leaving all but one button missing.

    Bette: Shit…. forgot about that….

    She then casts her gaze lower and stares at a woman who’s peacefully sleeping dangerously close to her crotch. She hesitantly reaches out and taps the woman’s head.

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    1. Hi, browneyedgirl28.

      This is an excellent story, it is wonderful; it has been from the beginning an emotional journey full of sexual tension between Bette and Tina, which came to a very to a very nice and happy end.

      Your story has hooked me up from the beginning, and as all your former stories (finished and non-finished) it is amazing; of course we would like the second part, how will the wedding be, the marriage, to know how Tina broke with Sam, where they are going to reside, but that is up to you, we just hope for the best.

      Thank so much for this excellent story and I will eagerly wait for you to finish the other one and to give us another gift with your writing. Thanks again.


    2. Did you end with ” for now ” ?! Does that mean you write a sequel?

      I really enjoy your stories, full of emotions, playful banter, drama and love.

      Your don’t update regular, but when you do i do a happy dance and can’t wait to read for a few hours.

      Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story!

    3. I’m so happy when I seen a post from you, I’m currently re – reading all your other stories, your an amazing writer . Off to read the end of this one now, please write more stories for us .Thank you.

    4. Big fan of your work, BEG. You have a very unique narrative style that lends itself to a very fast rhythm in your storytelling. You’re obviously very creative. You’re characters’ bantering leaves me in stitches. Please continue to grace us with your talent.

    5. thank you for the wonderful update. as always.. am sad that the story ended, is it? but hopefully you’ll come back with more BnT. Your stories i just can’t get enough. pls pls come back with more!!!!

    6. Hi BEG,
      Only just realised that I had missed this!
      What a mistake!
      Now read all 57 wonderful pages and the read has more than made up for my error!
      Thanks for posting this really great story.
      I hope the ‘For now’ means an Epilogue at least. Would prefer a Sequel but leave it to your talented self to decide.
      Thank again and look forward to more!!

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