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    The Finale

    One year later….


    Tina yawns as she deplanes her red-eye flight from Arizona.  Twenty minutes later, after retrieving her luggage from the baggage claim, she makes her way towards the exit. She then stops when she spots her girlfriend standing in the middle of LAX wearing a traditional Limo driver’s uniform and holding a big poster that reads: LOVE OF MY LIFE. Tina laughs playfully and points to herself as she turns and looks behind her.

    Tina: I’m sorry are you here for me?

    Bette laughs and shrugs as she also playfully looks around Tina.

    Bette: Uh actually there’s another sexy blonde I’m hopelessly in love with. Have you seen her or…?

    Tina smirks as she walks over and throws herself into Bette’s arms. Bette sighs contently and closes her eyes as she hugs Tina tightly.

    Bette: You have no idea how much I’ve missed you baby.

    Tina: It feels so good to be back in your arms, babe.

    Tina pulls back a little and leans in for a kiss. Bette smiles as she carefully moves Tina’s hair from her face.

    Bette: Is it possible that you’ve gotten more beautiful these past few weeks?

    Tina blushes and rolls her eyes.

    Tina: You don’t have to lay it on so thick ya know……you’re getting laid, that deal is done, baby.

    Bette:(laughs) Good to know, but I’m serious……maybe it’s the Emmy nomination glow I’m seeing.

    Tina: Oh, stop it…I’m getting enough of that from Meghan.

    Tina grabs Bette’s collar and pulls her closer.

    Tina:(whispers) Take me home.

    Bette: Yes ma’am

    Bette gulps and then grabs Tina’s bags and escorts her girlfriend out of the airport……



    Tina’s Condo……

    The following morning, they are tangled in the sheets with their limbs wrapped around each other. Tina lifts her head from Bette’s chest and smiles.

    Tina: I hope you’re happy, we haven’t gotten a wink of sleep Ms. Porter.

    Bette laughs as she plays with Tina’s hair.

    Bette: Hey I didn’t rip my own buttons off the second the door closed T.

    Tina laughs again as she lays her head back on Bette’s chest.

    Tina: It feels so good to be back babe…… shooting in the desert was brutal.

    Bette: I bet, you sounded exhausted every time we talked. I’m just glad you’re back. Now maybe I can function.

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    1. Hi and thanks a lot for posting this epic final chapter, BEG!:D When I started reading this at around 6 PM, I couldn’t believe that it will run up to 138 freaking pages. I honestly thought it was a typo error. I took a break to do other stuff and continued reading at 9 PM while I was listening/glancing at The Rachel Maddow Show. I finally got to the last page at 2:34 AM. I loved and savored every page, every detail, every dialogue and all the highs and lows that our fav couple went through. I enjoyed every minute of this epic rollercoaster ride! I can’t imagine the time, effort and imagination you’ve dedicated to put together this “novella” and tie up all the loose ends. (I love how you brought back Pete’s character towards the end and how he helped Bette, in turn, to get back on her feet. Kindness creates good karma!) Thanks for adding “kiss-gasm” and “nipple-gasm” to the still-growing TiBette lexicon.

      I can’t thank you enough for this delightful surprise, BEG. All I can offer is my industrial strength, virus-free, virtual bear hug in appreciation for this lovely, entertaining and well-written chapter and story!:> Take care and stay safe, BEG!

      P.S. Hope you’ll find the time and inspiration too to update “Home Again 2” and “Down to Earth”. ;>

    2. I could not remember the story, so I reread all the prior chapters. Needless to say, I was up all night reading. I could not put it down. What a nice story. Very emotional – with many ups and downs. And some really good humor as well. And I love Megan and Brad. I always thought that Tina would have a best friend which she hung out with before she met Bette. And that she would continue that friendship after she and Bette became a couple. Just as Bette had Alice, Shane and Dana – Tina had her Megan.

      Tina was sometimes confusing to me….having built up resentments and hurt feelings through the years until finally a kiss brings their relationship to a screeching halt. It would seem that it would have been better if they had had an argument about each event as they happened and then worked out some resolution. Instead both of them simply good mad and internalized the pain and anguish until their relationship was simply not sustainable. And some of the things in my opinion still needs to be fully heard by both parties and acknowledge their individual roles in and apologized for and forgiveness rendered by both of them. They have established that they want to be with each other and they want to be a couple. But they unwind all that mass of hurt and disappointment, they could carry it on into the next crisis.

      The biggest difficulty to me was being able to see the problems from the other’s point of view…..and understanding how hurtful those actions were. Bette seem to find most of that first. I still not convinced Tina has seen it yet. Without Megan, Bette and Tina may not have ever gotten back together.

      Magnificent story…. great story line. Great characters…..drama was outstanding and with a happy ending.

      I would love for you to write some more. This is what keeps me coming back for more.

    3. Hi browneyedgirl28,

      It took me at least four hours but i finally read this last chapter!

      I am very happy they got back together at the end, but wow, it took so long before they did that and there happened so much till they reached that point.

      I truly love all your stories and i am sad this one is finished now.

      Will you continue with your other two stories ?????

      Thank you again for sharing your incredible talent as writer!

    4. Hola browneyedgirl28
      La verdad es que me pasó lo de algunos comentarios que pensé que era un error topografíco cuando ví las 138 pág me encantó el capitulo final de principio a fin
      que se merece una secuela gracias

    5. Thank you again for the story – it was great!

      So, i’m glad – first – that Bette didn’t sleep with carpenter (yeah, kissing it’s also cheating but sleep it’s absolutely another level of betrayal), and of course the second – that Tina and Bette got back together.

      So, maybe with time you will think about sequel? But if you do – please don’t go the road of TLWGQ and don’t separate them again.

      And of course – waiting for continue another your stories – Down in the Earth especially.

    6. Ok, i’m read too.

      Agree with comments above – thank you for the story and for get them back together.

      And of course – also hope for sequel and for new parts of another stories of you!

    7. Thanks for finishing this story. What a finale! That was more than likely more than the sum of the previous chapters together.
      Nice how you changed the “dark times” of TnB to a lesser case of cheating by Bette. Add some crazy hormones from Tina after the miscarriage and some ego-trips that Bette definitely did back in the days and there you have the separation you wrote. It was so much easier to read than their separation phase in the show. It really did lessen the blow when I realized that you would still include the break up and the ugly Helena phase.
      I loved how you woved Meghan into your story. The best friend, the funny sidekick, Tina’s conscience and person to kick her ass when needed. Nice how you got Pete to be the one who changed B + T’s fate with his generosity.

      Thanks for the happy ending.

    8. What a nice surprise! I really enjoyed this story and was delighted to read it all the way through. I’m guilty too… I read the whole 139 pages in one shot and finished at 2 am!!! I just couldn’t put it down. Thank you for finishing it and I hope to see more stories from you. You’re an amazing writer. PS: Meghan was my favorite character.

    9. Hello and thank you for posting such an epic finale to this story. I went back to re-read the rest of the story, so it has taken me a couple of days (time well spent). Excellent work! I like the connection to the show and the AU elements. I loved the time jumps and the twists, turns, and the ending did not disappoint. Thanks, again and take care!

    10. I went back and read the whole story again before this Final wonderfully long chapter and thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Thanks for sharing your talent with us and please please write more of Down to Earth! I know, I know, never satisfied ;-)

      Stay safe

    11. WOW…138 pages in this Finale full of Bette and Tina drama! Thank you for the update. Never like Tina and Helena together at all! Thank God for Pete and Meghan. Love reliving Angelica’s birth. To me you kept Bette and Tina a part for too long. Wished Tina’s parents and Melvin could have been look at more. Always LOVE your Bette and Tina stories. Take Care and Stay Safe in this NEW normal BEG.

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