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    The Finale

    One month later…..

    Bette and Tina are hand in hand as they walk through yet another house that their real estate agent claimed would be perfect for them. Tina breaks away and walks over to look out a window that has a view to the backyard while Bette walks around checking out the rest of the living room.

    Agent: So? What do you think?

    Bette keeps walking around the room as she responds.

    Bette: Not bad. The bedrooms are a nice size.

    Tina keeps her eyes on the back yard.

    Tina: I don’t like it.

    The agent and Bette both turn and look at Tina.

    Agent: Okay? It has all the things you required.

    Tina turns and looks at the agent with a polite smile on her face.

    Tina: I know, I don’t like the back yard though.

    Agent: Yeah, I know it doesn’t have a pool but it’s big enough for you to get one put in later if you wanted.

    Bette walks over and looks at the backyard.

    Bette: Yeah, that’s doable baby. We can always get that done later.

    Tina turns and looks out of the window again.

    Tina:(sighs) Yeah I guess we could.

    Bette looks at her fiancé and smiles a little. She then pecks her on the cheek and then turns to the agent.

    Bette: Next?

    The agent’s shoulders drop a little. She looks down at her phone and then looks back up and puts on the best smile she can muster after a month of the same results.

    Agent: Okay? Well I have one more but I won’t be able to show it until next week.

    Tina turns and looks at the Agent.

    Tina: No, I would rather see it this week.

    Agent: Oh, uh I’m sorry but today is Thursday and I have appointments lined up with other clients all day tomorrow. I suppose I could show you Saturday.

    Bette: We won’t be in town Saturday. Next week will be fine.

    Tina turns her back to the Agent once again. Bette looks at Tina curiously and then looks at the Agent.

    Bette: Could you give us a sec?

    Agent: Of course, I’ll be outside.

    The agent walks out of the house and Bette walks behind Tina and wraps her arms around her waist.

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    1. Such a incredible story! And what a great ending.

      You are one of my favourites writers. You mix love, drama, fun, happiness and sexiness the best.

      I am sad that this story ends but i am happy to know that you have more stories to write at the moment.

      Thank you again for such a incredible story!

    2. Perfect, just perfect! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Such a wonderful story that evoked the whole spectrum of emotions. You are an amazing writer and I look forward to more.

      10 stars!

    3. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your stories!
      What a great finale, so glad Bette and Tina got married and BOTH of their parents supported them!

      A ONE NIGHT STAND…turned into Tina finding the love of her life…in Bette!

      Thank you for finishing this one Browneyedgirl! Look forward to you updating some of the others that you still have going! :)

    4. I just have to stand or applaud girl with browneyedgirl28 !!
      Thank you for this beautiful and wonderful history!!!
      Perfect from start to finish.
      A great end.
      You take a worthy end to this story.
      You are a great writer.
      The whole universe

    5. BEG sigh, I just can’t with you. Why must you be so brilliant? Another great story. I had to reread this from beginning to refresh my memory for the ending…And that was a mistake cause now I want more. As always I looking forward to all your stories. I’m still your number one biggest fan even though you have millions lol. This is a browneyesgirl day for me, u have updated so many stories and I’m way behind, my apologies. I loved this!

    6. Dear author, I just discovered this story few days ago and wasn’t able to stop until I read all of it ! What a delightful, emotional, funny and brilliant story you wrote,,, I love it !! And even if I’m coming too late, I had to express my reader’s grateful thanks ! N0w I have to discover your other stories : a pleasure I will savour… Many, many thanks !!

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