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    The First Lesson

    Tina sat on the bed and watched as Bette strapped her clothes off, revealing her perfect body, her amazing breasts with her dark brown nipples, they were already erect. Tina found herself licking her lips. Apart from what they had done in New York she’d never been with a woman. watching Bette’s body come into view was making her wet and she shifted on the bed.

    “Do you like what you see?” Bette asked, softly as she pushed her panties down revealing her mound, which was covered in dark hair which had been trimmed neatly.  Tina’s eyes were drawn there. she had no idea how to please a woman, she could barely please herself.

    “Yes,” Tina gasped as she got up and Clumsily removed her own clothes.

    Bette watched as her lovers silky pale skin came into sight. Bette slowly moved forward and unhooked tina’s silk bra, letting the bra slowly fall to the floor revealing attempting hard nipples that she had tasted in New York.

    Tina moaned aspect lips wrapped around Tina’s nipple, her tongue slowly grazing over the hard nub. Tina threw her head back, her fingers running through bets dark curly hair holding her in place she’s never felt such pleasure be able to hold Bette this time made her feelings heighten. When she had been with men she had never known such pleasure this woman knew her way around her body.

    Bette lifted her head in captured thinner lips pulling her into a rough passionate kiss as they fell onto the bed. Tina on Top of Bette position she never thought she would be in.  she broke the kiss looking down into those Brown eyes she could see bets arousal, she wasn’t sure what to do with it, she was new at this. she wasn’t even sure what her own body enjoyed she had spent years trying to please other people. now with her moment and she was suddenly scared.

    Bette looked up into her eyes and she knew what was racing through Tina’s mind.

    “It’s going to be okay, I will show you, if I don’t like something I will let you know, we are in this together” Bette’s words were reassuring

    Tina slowly moved her lips down that long neck kissing, licking, tasting. she moved lower gently taking one of Bette’s nipples into her mouth she stroked gently, running her tongue around the soft skin around the nipple, she felt Bette arch her back she was getting it right. That gave her all the confidence in the world, she suddenly realised that they really were in this together and she was going to work out what made Bette’s body come alive.

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