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    The Guest

    Bette got herself some water and then walked back over to Tina, she took the blind fold and covered her eyes again. Tina let her. she had relaxed over the table. Bette kissed her lips.

    “I love you Pet. You’re fucking sexy,” Bette got up and put her panties back on. she was still wearing her shirt and bra. She knew she looked good. She walked over to Tina and ran her hand along her spine as there was a knock on the door. “She’s here,”

    Tina moaned.

    Bette opened the door and smiled at the woman that had been eyeing Tina up in the club a few weeks before.

    “Hi Bette,” The woman said.

    “Hello Sarah, before I let you in there are rules.”

    “You sent them in your email, I read them all.” Sarah said. “And I respect your Pet’s hard limits. I will follow your lead.”

    “Thank you,” Bette grinned before moving and closing the door.

    Sarah grinned when she saw Tina lay there.

    “Not what I was expecting,” Sarah whispered.

    “She’s been very good, she’s allowed to cum as much as she wants.” Bette said walking back over to Tina who was breathing in through her mouth and out through her nose, trying to remain calm. She was overexcited and she needed to calm down. Bette ran her hand down her back before sitting on the sofa.

    Sarah walked over and sat directing in front of Tina’s head.

    “How is she at eating pussy?” sarah asked as she pushed her own skirt up revealing she had not panties on.

    “Try her,” Bette grinned.

    Sarah moved to the edge of the chair and realised that Bette had set it up so Tina could reach them. Sarah looked at Tina.

    “Lick me,” She demanded. Tina didn’t move. Bette smiled.  “Why isn’t she doing it?” Sarah asked, looking at Bette.

    “She belongs to me and I’ve not told her she can take orders from you. Pet lick her”

    Tina moved her head at Bette’s telling and licked the woman in front of her. she tasted different to Bette. she flicked and licked her clit.

    Sarah let her lick her for a few moments before she pushed her away ad slapping Tina around the face much to Tina’s shock. Bette looked on unimpressed

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    1. What a bitch Sarah is, she agreed to the term and still wanted to over step the boundaries! Glad Bette threw her out the house, but she should have stepped in right when Sarah slapped Tina in her face.

      Now go take care of your wife/pet!

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