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    The Joy

    Tina stood in the middle of their open large open plan kitchen she was eight and a half months pregnant and she was uncomfortable. She had got up to get a drink but now found herself standing in the middle of the kitchen rubbing the heel of her hand on top of her stomach where she had got a sharp pain.

    Bette walked in from her home study where she had been working, mainly to be at home more with Tina who was struggling more and more with being pregnant. About a month ago it had all become too much for her blonde wife. Bette put her glass onto the kitchen counter and looked at her wife.

    “What’s the matter?” Bette asked, coming too her and putting her hand onto her wife’s lower back, just to let her know that she’s there.

    “I don’t know,” Tina admitted. “Just got a sudden pain,”

    “Are you okay? should you be up?”

    “Bette,” Tina looked at her wife with that look that only a wife could get away with, “If you start fussing you’re living in the condo till the kid is eighteen.”

    “Honey, I would be surrounded by sex toys, I would be very amused.” Bette wiggled her eyebrows making her wife laugh.

    “AGH,” Tina screamed out as she got a violent pain, she gripped the counter. Sudden she felt liquid running down her legs onto the titled floor. “Bette…” She was panicking now, “I think my waters just broke.”

    Bette looked at her wife, she had been prepared for this or a month. Since the midwife told them that Tina could go into labour at anytime and they needed to be prepared.

    “I will phone Mary,” Their on call midwife, if possible Tina wanted to have their baby at home.

    “Agh,” Tina moaned again leaning forward,

    Bette got her cell phone, diailing the number for their midway.

    “Mary Cartwright,”

    “Mary It’s Bette Porter, Tina’s waters have just broken in the middle of the kitchen.”

    “Okay Bette I will be there in half an hour, get the birthing pool ready, make Tina as comfortable as possible but listen to her Bette. if she doesn’t wanna to sit down don’t make her. she’s going to be very uncomfortable.”

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    1. Thank you for posting! We’ve seen them go from their first meeting to their first child. Love it.

      My favorite part:

      “I know baby, and when this is all over and you’re medically cleared I will punish you for it. but today you will get to call me names, hit me even but remember it will come back on you once I can get my hands on you at the condo again.”

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