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    The Lazy Sunday Morning

    “Fuck, Bette,” Tina woke, unexpectedly from an already dirty dream to find Bette’s head between her legs licking her already wet centre.

    Bette didn’t stop she reached up cupping Tina’s breast with her hand, pinching her nipple between her fore finger and thumb. Enjoying Tina’s hips raising off the bed, she knew Tina was close and she double her efforts, she loved how Tina’s body reacted to her. she loved that she had more control over it that they both thought.

    Tina’s hand shot to Bette’s hair, keeping her in place the other, twisted in the sheets as her body tensed and she felt her orgasm taking over. She came hard with a shudder and a scream. Bette didn’t let up, but she had to gently push her away as her body was too sensitive

    “Bette baby, please stop.” She managed as she rested back against her pillow.

    Bette grinned, pleased with herself as she kissed her way up Tina’s stomach, threw the valley in her breasts and up too neck.

    “Morning baby,” She said, laying between Tina’s spread legs. Enjoying the closeness, she had never experienced with anyone else.

    “Morning,” Tina opened her eyes again and looked into Bette’s before kissing her lips. Just enjoying the slight hint of the taste of herself.

    “How are you feeling?”

    “Well fucked,” Tina grinned.

    “Last night?…” Bette was nervous, she’d not expected last night to happen the way it had.

    “There are things we need to talk about,” Tina admitted.

    “Tell you what.” Bette said slowly, “I will make you breakfast in bed, you can have another quick shower, maybe put on some clothes to try and ensure I’m not distracted by your fucking amazing boobs, ass, stomach and pussy and we can talk.”

    Tina smiled. she loved that Bette reassured her so much that she was sexy. She found it hard still. She still had days where she didn’t want to share her body at all but she was working through it and finding a happy place.


    Bette rolled off her and headed into the kitchen, Tina lay for a couple of moments thinking about how crazy last night had been. She got up showers and slipped on a pair of baggy yoga pants and a wife beater. She plodded back into the bedroom and smiled that Bette had made them bacon and eggs and some fresh coffee, she got into her side of the bed, pushing her pillows up against the headboard. And took the plate that Bette offered her.

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    1. Truly enjoy this story!

      Glad that they communicate about their likes and dislikes, mostley Tina.

      In this kind of relationship honesty is very important!

      Didn’t like what Louise said either.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Loooved this chapter and the talk between Bette & Tina. It’s very apparent that Bette love Tina and wants her to be happy. I really like her devotion to making Tina happy and ensuring that her lover has as many of her fantasies come true as possible.

      I trust you UK!


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