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    The Light

    Tina had expected the basement to be like the playroom they had played in, in New York. But it wasn’t. it was a large open plan room, with a closed off bathroom that she could see through the open door at the far end. The room was light and well arranged. There was a large four poster bed similar to the one in New York, there was a office set up in one corner with a expensive and chair near it and there were cabinets that Tina knew would be filled with toys and other exciting things.

    Tina looked around shocked, Bette stood at the bottom the stairs.

    “As you can see this room is very different to the one in New York. I wanted it to be perfect for you,”

    “It’s lovely Mistress,” Tina replied, looking around the room again she wanted to touch everything. It didn’t feel as dark as the room in New York.

    “Now, tonight you said Red and I’m very pleased with you. because you admitted that you weren’t ready to do something instead of forcing yourself to it. You have listened to me and you’ve taken on board the conversation we’ve had. You will be rewarded well for this.”

    Bette walked over to Tina and ran her fingers down her face, before unclasping the front clasp of Tina’s leather bra watching it fall open and reveal the pale white globes. She pushed the bra from Tina’s shoulders and bent her head taking Tina’s nipple into her mouth.

    Tina’s head fell back, her hands fisted up. she’d never know pleasure like Bette’s tongue which was currently working her nipple. Tina bit her lip trying not moan. Her body was shaking.

    Bette pulled back flicking Tina’s other nipple with her fingers. She looked back at Tina and could see her head back, her blonde hair falling down her face. her head back her eyes closed.  she was breathing hard.

    Bette moved back and looked at her.

    “You’re so beautiful.” Bette whispered, running her hand from Tina’s neck down to her stomach.

    Tina’s body shook, goosebumps forming. She felt Bette’s fingers find the zipper on her skirt. She pushed it down revealing her barely there thong, that was lacy. Tina stepped out of the skirt and realised she was still wearing her heels. She opened her eyes and looked at Bette who was licking her lips and looking at her with a lust that Tina had never seen.

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