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    The Long Way Home

    “Miedo; bendito miedo 

    que propicia el deseo 

    la agonía y el rapto, 

    de los que mueren juntos 

    y resucitan luego”.

    – José Agustín Goytisolo


    The Long Way Home


    I just wish you were fucking better at it .”


    Inconceivable. Ludicrous. Completely and utterly insane. Tina couldn’t believe she was here only two months after saying such horrible things to Bette, measuring time according to when she would see her ex-wife next. Her heart was teetering on feelings that were certainly not appropriate or fair given their current standing – the one she had put them in.


    ”I just wish you were better at it, really?” She scolded herself. She had been so angry at that point that the words had come out of her mouth without any thought or concern for how she might be hurting her ex-wife.


    It was so fucking hypocritical that after dropping such an emotional grenade, her treacherous heart decided that the next logical course of action was to pine for Bette. And, God, was she ever pining for that woman. Tina desperately wanted to catch a glimpse of curly brown hair. To dive into beautiful dark eyes, eyes like the earth itself. Deep pools of chocolate and coffee swirls with flecks of golden amber and chestnut that danced in the light. Bette had the kind of eyes that made you want to dive in and never come up for air.


    She looked at her watch and sighed. She was way too early, but her anxiety was through the roof. She and Bette had been meeting regularly, at least once a week, to talk about how to better help Angie when she went off to college and to repair their relationship somehow -or at least get their friendship back.


    She glanced inconspicuously at a woman waiting in line at the coffee shop she was in. She looked about her age, maybe a little younger. A pair of tight pants hugged her legs, and her blouse clung seductively to her curves. She was beautiful, aesthetically and objectively, but Tina didn’t feel the slightest bit of desire for her.


    How she wished she did.


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    1. You really don’t have to hid behind a rock, this was really well written. Although i have to admit i really dislike the word smut, it sounds so distasteful and porn like.
      I would never call love making like that.

      A truly good story doesn’t need sex or sexy scenes, maybe a nice setup to it and let the reader fill in the blanks by themselves, use their own imagination. I have read a few of them and they are absolutely my favorite stories, like yours. I like well written intimate scenes if it fits in the story but like i said a story doesn’t have to have those for me to enjoy the story. Don’t write them if you don’t feel comfortable doing it and even more don’t let you be pressured to do it.

      • Hey Bibi! you truly are the greatest.

        Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I do agree with you on the word smut, I don’t quite like it, but since it’s the most common term, I tend to use it.

        Also, I agree too that a good story doesn’t need sex scenes, but I guess I felt a bit pressured because a friend reaaaally emphasized the importance of steamy scenes in stories, so I was like, I don’t even know how to begin. I guess this was me trying. I don’t think I will delve much into it, but It’s always good to try something new, right?

        Thank you so much for always being so lovely. I appreciate it more than I can say.

        Many hugs to you!

    2. Hi Sof,

      Thank you too for your kind words!

      It’s always good to try new things and it’s great you tried it and you did very well. If it’s not your thing, don’t do it to please your friend. It’s your story and you can do or don’t do whatever you want.
      Their are enough stories with a lot of steamy scenes your friend can read and follow. Your story doesn’t need it and i don’t see it as a thing i miss in it. And i firmly disagree with your friend a story, any story does need a steamy scene or scenes. You write excellent stories and i love them very much!

      • Hi Bibi!

        Thank you againso so much. You always say the nicest things. And I’m super glad you like my stories and writing, It truly is the best compliment, and it makes my day everytime :). I

    3. You do write a good sex scene… and it is in the appropriate place and the appropriate moment in the story. For me, sex scenes are to enhance the story line and are not the story line itself. It is just another tool in the tool box of story writing. Use it when you feel appropriate… after all it’s your story.

      I enjoyed the chapter. But I kind wish these two would actually have more dialogue about what they are feeling and what is on their minds. I have always felt that, that is when these two get into trouble… believing they know what the other is thinking when the thought has not been actually been spoken. And of course, the more they speak what they really think, the better they will truly connect. Speaking what is on your mind takes work and practice and actually doing it. But the other side of the coin is the listening and withholding judgement until you understand what is being said… and that for some is truly a harder skill to develop.

      Thanks for writing…. more please.

      • Hey Martha!

        Thank you! I don’t think I will delve too much into sex scenes, only when the story calls for it, I think. And yeah, I totally agree, they do get into trouble when they don’t talk things through!

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