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    The Meeting

    Tina sat at the back of the outdoor area of the café, a cup of tea in front of her, her eyes locked on the everlasting ocean. She could see people surfing and boats bobbing the water. it had been a long time since she had been here. she was dressed causally in a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. A jacket was thrown over the back of her chair. Her hair in a ponytail, she kept pulling at the sleeves of her t-shirt to ensure that they were fully covering her arms. She was ashamed of what she had done all those years ago.

    She was nervous. Today she was going to come face to face with the love of her life. A woman she still thought about all the time. Bette had changed her live all those years ago and had completely changed it when she had cheated. Tina knew she had to face her fears and start again. She had leant, while she was recovering that life was too short.

    She looked up when she go the feeling that Bette had walked in, she had. Tina took a deep breath. she looked as stunning as ever, she was dressed in pants and shirt, Tina noticed the small bump, but her eyes keep raising the to a face that hadn’t changed. Her dark hair pulled back, showing off her cheekbones. Tina stood, as Bette approached. They looked at each other for a second just taking each other in.

    “Erm, please sit down,” Tina pointed to the other chair, “I wasn’t sure what you would like to drink,”

    “Decaf tea would be lovely, thank you,” Bette calmly asked to the server who smiled before placing a menu for the lunch options in front of Bette.

    Bette sat herself down. She looked over at Tina, she couldn’t believe that she was in front of her. There was a pain in her eyes that Bette wanted to make disappear. She took in Tina’s look, she looked amazing. her hair was longer, she could see that Tina was absently pulling her sleeves down. they were both silent, just taking each other in. it was Bette that spoke first.

    “How are you?”

    “I’m okay, well right now I’m scared shitless, but that’s my own nervousness. How are you?”

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    1. Interesting. When Tina got pregnant they used Marcus sperm because they wanted their child was resembled both Bette and Tina. But if Bette is pregnant why she didn’t use sperm white man for the same reason?

    2. This is an interesting story. It actually had me in tears. I could feel the pain experienced by both Tina and by Bette. I was really liked that both Bette and Tina carried a torch for each other even after the three years of being apart. Of course its hard to move on when there is no closure to a relationship. Bette cheated, Tina ran and they never spoke again about their seven year relationship until this meeting. Knowing that the other was somewhere out there in the world meant that there was always a possibility of reunion at least to get closure so that they could release themselves from the past. Of course, now that they have met, there is a possibility to rekindle the relationship they both want.

      Great story…….Just sorry that Tina was so devastated that she would resort to suicide attempt to resolve her pain. I would hope that she would seek help first before doing that. But it happens. Thank goodness she was not successful.

      Its a great story…..Thank you writing this.

      • I really enjoy reading your reviews. They are very thorough and on the money. I wish I could be that analytical but I am not. I have read your past reviews of other stories and you put what I think in your posts. You are the only reviewer I have reviewed 👍🏻

    3. Hi UKendeavour,

      I am so happy that you repost this story!

      So sad that Tina thought her life ended when she left LA three years ago. Nobody is worth trying to kill yourself over them.

      They both are still in love with each other and willing to rekindle their relationship. It will be good to see them date and get to know each other again.

      Thank you!

    4. Awww, that was lovely. Not what happened to Tina, obviously, but I really like that she’s on the mend. ‘Tina Fucking Kennard’ made me smile.
      Very nice writing. Hope there’s more.

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